Sixt Car Rental / counter racial profiling

Airport, Myrtle Beach, SC, United States

I have been renting vehicles for many years. I work for a federal agency that keeps me in the field over 300 days a year. I do not own a vehicle, and instead I will rent if I need one. I am also a Hilton Honor Diamond member and I carry two major credit cards. Each of my cards included collision rental for rental vehicles. Using my Hilton Honor discount, I decided to use SixT for the first time on a one week rental. I made my reservation online in conjunction with Hilton Honors. When I reached the counter, the woman asked if I had a reservation and I responded yes handing over my licsence and credit card. Then the drama started. She has my license and card but she is telling me she can not find a reservation. I have been around long enough to know that this is a deceptive tactic. So I gave her the reservation number. A man is sitting next to her who seem to be with another company because there is a different sign hanging over him, but who really knows? I re-emphasize that I have reservation. Then she proceeds and about this time I know she is up to something because she is not very smart to cover her tracks. She ask me for my insurance company and I respond that in my reservation I purchased the package which includes the insurance. She goes into this dooms day scenario about what will happen if something happens. She tells me she don't see it and the man looks in his computer and tells her it is included but she keeps pressing me for my insurance. I tell her that it is included in my credit card. Then she gets stupid and displays the poorest counter manners you could imagine. She ignore me and turn to the man as if to say "can you believe this". This woman probably could not even qualify for my credit card and is now displaying her pure ignorance. I should have walked. Next she put a form in front of me and asked me to sign it. I responded that I am not signing anything until she tell me what I am signing. She snaps at me and responds that "I'm not finish!", and I respond that she needs to explain before asking me to sign. Then she punish me, the customer, by removing a set of keys from a slew of keys and telling me she is giving a car with scratches. My blood is boiling. Then she has the nerve o tell me that she will be taking more than the rental cost for this compact from my credit card. That was it with this hostile person. I took my credit card and license and walked several feet to Avis. In this day and age, who would employ such tactics and especially not knowing who they are violating. In this case, a federal employee. Never again, and I will be a walking advertisement, especially after I wrote to SixT who did not bother to respond. Totally unprofessional and definitely racially profiling.

Sep 17, 2014

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