SiriusXM Satellite Radio / rebate delay

Satellite Beach, FL, United States

My husband purchased a SiriusXM satellite radio for his new truck at the beginning of July 2014. There was a rebate of $50 on the purchase of the radio with 60 days of service. After the 60 days were complete, I checked online on the status of the rebate. The status said "Pending Fulfillment" with a Status Detail of "Your rebate is valid and is scheduled for final processing." In October 2014 I spoke with a Sirius Rebate Customer Service Rep and was told there was a delay in processing the rebate due to the overwhelming response to the promotion. I was told my rebate should arrive in November. It is now December 16, 2014, and I have not received my rebate. I just spoke again with a Sirius Rebate Customer Service Rep and was told the same song and dance...overwhelming response, delay in processing, yadda, yadda, yadda. This rep would not give me a time frame of when to expect the rebate, nor would he give me any number I could call to complain. I don't believe I will be receiving my rebate. I am going to cancel my service. I suggest to anyone who subscribes to SiriusXM Satellite Radio to do the same due to their shoddy business practices.

Dec 16, 2014

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