Sirius XMunauthorized charges

I just want to share my honest opinion. I have been a Sirius Satellite Radio customer since 2003 and I have always paid $6.99 every month for my two additional radios on a 6 month basis. I guess Sirius has raised their prices to $8.99 every month for every additional radio after the first radio unless you prepay for 1 year then it is $6.99. I don't think it is worth the price increase at all. Over some time I have noticed on certain channels such as the rock station 'octane 20' 'lithium 24', 'hip hop nation 40', and 'the heat 50' is increasingly censoring their music. I singed up just to hear it the way the artist produced it and not hacked up like on air radio. I don't get it...price increases and censoring..and not to mention their customer service is horrible. Only today after I told them to cancel all three of my accounts because of the price increase they offered me $5.99 every month for a 6 month subscription each for my 2 additional radios. It makes no sence at all... if they would have left it at $6.99 for every month I would have not cared! But now they still take a loss. Anyways just wanted to say this.


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