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In the years I’ve subscribed to Sirius, paying in advance for service was always the standard. In 2008 I started having difficulty with my signal. It would cut in and out just a bit at first, then over several months it happened constantly. I made multiple calls to Sirius who would generate a “signal boost” in my zip code area. This would help somewhat, but eventually it would get so bad again I just shut my radio off. Even after spending $90.00 on a Sirius signal booster from Circuit City, the improvement was minimal at best. Sirius eventually said my radio was out of date and I needed to purchase new equipment. Since the last part of 2008, I quit using my Sirius all together, even though I had paid in advance for the service I was no longer using! When I received renewal information in 2009, I did not respond because I was not going to invest money in another year of poor service and excuses.

I spoke with a Sirius representative 4-5 weeks ago, explained my situation and he thanked me for my years of service. To my horror, last week I received a COLLECTION NOTICE in the mail for $31.12! The customer service rep didn’t bother to say anything about what they were doing on my account; he only wanted me to renew service!

I called Sirius and spoke with 2 customer service reps and a supervisor who would not escalate my call any further saying “managers above me don’t talk with customers”. They refused to do anything to correct the outstanding balance saying it was my fault that I did not call them to discontinue service; therefore I was charged for 2 additional months of service after my account expired. When I did not pay for the additional 2 months of service, they turned me over to a collection agency.

They said they didn’t need my approval to continue my service since this was “their policy” and I should have called to cancel. I asked them to either remove the charges or provided me with a copy of a binding contract under my signature that allowed an automatic continuation of service. Once again, they said they didn’t need a signed contract to continue my service.

I refuse to pay for extortion! If they ruin my perfect credit, I will do my best to ruin them! Maybe they will stop defrauding people if we slap them with a class action suit! If you know of one that has been initiated, please post it on this site.

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  • Kh
      20th of Apr, 2010

    EXACT thing just happened to me. I just received a collection notice in the mail for two months of service that I didn't want nor pay for. I was given the runaround by two Sirius employees when I called to dispute the charges. After asking to speak to a supervisor, they transfer me to another department. Completely outrageous... How do you intend to dispute the charges? Of course, it's in the collection agency's hands now so Sirius tells me to call them. I'm sure that will be a complete waste of time and effort too...

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  • Mh
      26th of Jun, 2011

    I'm now having the exact same issue. Wondering whatever happened in the above cases

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