Sirius Radio / terrible service

United States

I bought a new vehicle in Colorado and I live in Kansas. The new vehicle came with a Sirius radio component. I called this company at the above phone number 4 times to see if the previous owner still had an account and/or if I could start up an account in my name. The first 3 times I called, I couldn't hear the rep with all the loud noise in the background. The rep obviously couldn't hear me either as they kept saying things that I had not even said myself. The 4th call, I requested a manager and got "Adam" if that was his real name. When I attempted again to share the problems I'd been having and ask the questions I needed to ask, there was such terrible loud noise in the background, I once again couldn't hear. Finally, I asked if the call center I was connected to was in the United States and was told no, it was in Cairo, Eqypt. This is terrible service. Adam too started stating things to me that I had not even said. Sirius Radio, what is wrong with you?


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