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I wanted to get a replacement for my Samsung S6 and I was told that on top of the monthly subscription rate of $8 (excl GST) I have to fork out another $532. I subscribed to Mobileswop for 30 months and I paid a total of $240 (excl GST) for the last 30 months. Hence if I were to proceed to get a replacement for my S6 it would cost me a total of $772 (excl GST) ($532 + $240). This is ridiculous for a old mobile phone might as well I go and get myself a new mobile. Mobile swop is such a ridiculous so call "insurance coverage" for your mobile. If I knew then it would cost me that much I wouldn't have sign up for the package. Total rip off.

Feb 26, 2018
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  • Sh
      Mar 03, 2018

    What reason did they give for such a high replacement fees? I'm also paying S$10 per month, would definitely stop the service if the replacement is so expensive.

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  • My
      Oct 03, 2018

    1. Service request for IPhone X swop. Delivery guy was right at my doorstep but unable to do the swop due to different IMEI no and Find My Iphone was ON. I wasted my leave just to wait on the swop!

    2. The IMEI confusion issue were clearly clarified when we called the day before ( please check call tracking records);

    3. Customer should be informed beforehand if the Find My IPhone turning ON/OF is of importance before the exchange;

    4. When the swop cannot be done, we called the call centre and was answered by Amelia. She then told me, she cant activate a new service request because Singtel system is still showing a substandard clause, hence, asked me to call 1688.

    5. Unable to get through, I called Amelia again and suggested to her to arrange an internal communication for Singtel to uplift the substandard clause.

    6. The substandard clause was uplifted through internal communication which is obviously possible rather than asking a customer to call 1688 again.

    7. But a new problem surface in regards to the IMEI confusion issue.

    8. Amelia promise to return call but since then, I have yet to hear from her.

    9. I called today again asking for her but was informed by Nurul that she is unavailable.

    10. When I wanted to speak to her superior, she told me they are all in a meeting?

    11. When asked for her superior name, she told me she cant reveal their names? Is that part of Singtel SOP for your call centre?

    I am a very angry subscriber now. I took and wasted my leave for the swop and I am appalled that singtel staff inefficiency affected me this much. Until now, I have yet to hear from any of Singtel swop staff. Where are your superior? Still in a meeting and no superior to manage your call centre ??

    SOP is there to guide us but at times, we need to use initiatives to deliver customer request / feedback effectively.

    We have been a loyal and a prestige customer of Singtel for many years and yet received substandard service just because of ONE service request throughout. Justifiable? Prestigious indeed!


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