Singtelrecontract of adsl broadband not honoured by singtel

Singtel contacted our company to renew our adsl broadband contract on september 07, 2016. An offer was made to us to recontract and we responded via email with the necessary forms filled in and yet despite having an email confirmation from them on 15th september from their sales staff - ice lim yiao tong [mailto:[protected]@singtel. Sg] that they have received my accpetance of recontract (See attached screenshot of email) ; they have chosen to ignore it and keep getting their sales staff to contact us to convert to fibre optic broadband.

On the 30th january 2017 - I sent an email to '[protected]' informing that I have already recontracted with them and they still chose to ignore us and also with the audacity to bill me for a non renewal contract fee at twice the normal rate.

No one even bothered to call and send me a response to my email.. Does this mean that all contracts handled by their staff even though they are no longer with singtel are not legally valid.

I have all the documents and proof needed - but can someone from singtel please contact us at parry international enterprise pte ltd.

Catherine tio / director
[protected] Sg


Feb 03, 2017

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