Singtel / being bill $600plus on jan 2017 for a account which has being close since dec 2015

Bad services & disappointment...
I have being a singtel user for more than 10yrs, not even a single rewards or discount vouchers for upgrading or purchasing of phone was given & now you guy actually bill me $600 over for a account that has being close down on december 2015 with full payment? If you bill me on my current account I can still understand, maybe due to miss use or over bill but this is ridicules when u are billing a account that have close up on december 2015 n u are billing me on january 2017. Does this made sense to anyone? Do you think that I dont check my billing & data usage? Whats the point of having the singtel apps when you guys just bill whatever you want. And you still tell me to wait for another 3 to 5 days for you guys to check? The management should do something about your system. I am totally very very upset n disappoint with singtel😕

Jan 06, 2017

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