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1 Ogden, UT, United States
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There is a featured member with the screenname bear1952--, who once contacted starts claiming he is an associate pastor and very religious. He also lists his weight as a few pounds overweight when in fact once he sends current photos he is obviously quite a bit overweight in the category of fat or very fat. He makes excuses that he did not have but one option. This person has been reported before as a possible danger because he likes to insist he is an associate pastor once he gets a woman's attention. Singlesnet has not apparently investigated their featured member. I was smart enough to play his game of words before I let him know he was not knowledgable to be any type of pastor. I saved his emails to a private folder, thinking he would get beligerent and bad attitude, block contact and therefore all emails would be lost. He did get an attitude, did block me and claimed I was not his sexual preference, which slandered me as I am hetrosexual and he claims to be. Now this is causing me some difficulty in doing a new profile. I did resign and stated my complaint for resignation of my profile. I believe that singlesnet should check out some of the featured members as there are members preying on women. I am smart enough to spot it but what happens to those that would believe the fraudulent statements. No where on the site of the Church is his name in any position. I do consider him to be a danger because of his claiming he is an associate pastor and by his own admitting, he backpaddles and states he will be an associate pastor soon and he does not make any pretense of knowing the Bible. The above dating site needs to address these problems. Send the member an email baiting him and they will get their answer.

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