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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Dear sir / mam,

My name is kajal patel, I like to let you know that I am really very disappointed with my journey with singapore airlines. I traveled with my 6 months old baby on 29th dec from sydney to ahmedabad. I like to point you out some issues I had.

1). My baby was crying and flight was full, I request them to find out one extra seat where I can go and feed my baby (breastfeeding) but they said they don't have. Than I requested to let me go in first class to just feed my baby for 5 minutes so I can make him calm. But they didn't allow me. I don't want to seat in business class in whole journey, just wanted to feed my baby as flight was full.

2). At singapore they missed one part of my baby stroller. It was very hard to walk without stroller with my 6 months old baby and luggage.

3). From singapore to ahmedabad they asked me meal for my baby but they didn't provide me.

4). Finally when I reached to ahmedabad they lost my whole stroller. Flight was landed at 9.30 pm but I walked off from airport at 12.30 with some of the airport staff. They keep sending me here and there for complaints regarding my stroller. I got my stroller after 5 days.

5). The guy called my dad 12.00 at night to come and pick up stroller from 25 km far from my house, it means half way to airport.
But I said no because my dad had accident, he can't walk.

Anyways I am waiting for your positive reply.

Sorry to take your time.

Really very very disappointed, it's already a week but I didn't get any reply.

Kajal patel.

Jan 17, 2017

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