Singapore Airlinesbaggage delay and ruined our holiday 3 times already

On November 2016 we went to china and Singapore, and we have 3 kids under 4 years so we bought double prams with us to help us going anywhere, when we arrive in shianghai from perth, we couldn't find our double pram so we have to went to luggage lost claim to mention we lost our pram, and it's so hard with all the luggages we had and 3 little kids with no pram even to go to taxi area, and according to the luggage claim tht our luggage still in Singapore so we have to wait 2 days in hotel without pram and they will sent the pram to our hotel, but those 2 days we were stuck in the hotel because we can't go anywhere without the pram as our children can't walk too much to sight seeing or do something, me and my husband felt so tired have to carried 2 kids at least to do something just to find place to eat everyday for those 2 days, we didt complaint to Singapore as we thought mistakes happen all the time, and I used to love Singapore airline I used to travel with you guys a lot long time ago...then we went to Singapore after china, and its happen again, the double pram was delayed again we waited and waited until the last luggage finished came out and we couldn't see our double pram anywhere so we went again to luggage claim and we have to waited more than 3 hours with 3 little kids in front of luggage claim, and it was a queue long time too just to know what happen with our double pram, it was such annoyed journey we had so far with Singapore airline, can you imagine we have to entertain our kids while waited that long just for your airline delayed, with all the other luggages we had and chaos on our holliday. But still we couldn't bother complaining, just disappointed already how come these happen every time we are on holliday with Singapore, we never had problems with small airlines company with low budget fare, but to be happen with Singapore airlines was so shocking, u guys should put pram as yr first come out from luggage pick up, not last or even missing.

Then we are travel again with Singapore from perth going to Koh Samui now, and it was happen again, we lost our double pram again, and we arrived at Koh Samui around 10 am, after waited 10 hours in airport because perth to Koh Samui the connecting flight from Singapore was 10 hours waiting, and we choose tht flight because we knw Singapore airline was enjoyed place anyway to waited and kills time, but to expect our double pram missed again when we arrive in the morning, because we already had planned to do something tht morning after arrived, and we couldn't do it we have to stay in the hotel waited for any news about where is our double prams, and the staff in luggage people in Koh Samui until late afternoon couldn't find where our pram, and then they said yup they found them and will delivered our pram between 11 until 1 the next day, then again we stuck in the hotel just for waiting airlines fault again.we are so sick and tired with these, we should be able to enjoy our holliday more but instead we lost couple days just because your company or where ever fault its is don't knw how to organised the luggages to be arrived same time as the passager, and please put parents with children as their priority too come to luggage as well, as hard with little kids to lost their stuffs tht is important for their parent to help their jobs easier not make it more harder, just so disappointed these happen to us 3 times already...and we had to throw away our first double pram because the hood attachement was broken when we received in shianghai, it was loose since then, so we bought anew one again now,

May 02, 2017

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