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ShopriteU save in Ogies R545 Main Road / The type of music they play in the shop and the behavior of the shop manager

1 Ogies, South Africa

on the 01/10/2016 i visited Shoprite U save situated at road 545 Main Road in ogies to buy 2 half liter cokes and to draw R120.00 at your till. As i was waiting on the Que to be served, i realised that there were playing the kind of music the sounded unappropriated and not good for young and older customer. it was Rap music by Lil Wayne followed by a song by 50 cent which uses a very strong language. i felt disgusted by the lyrics of song because all i could hear was shootings, Biches, Whores, dicks and pussy which i regard as unappropriated to be played in a store that caters for all people, young and old.

i then asked the lady who was serving to show me where the Manager of the shop was, she directed me to the far left coner form where i was standing which is the far right right coner when you enter the store. when i get there i ask her if she was a Manager and she(the lady in Black and White Uniform and a gold tooth) agreed she was a manager but later denied that she was the manager of the store.i then ask her why are they playing this kind of music in the store, she first just laugh at me as if i was stupid, she didn't even have the decency of getting off her chair to hear my complain to an extant that in had to raise my voice because she was sitting at about a 2 meters from where i was standing. she then said to me that i must understand that people are working in the store*(staff members) are young people who listen to the kind of music so there was nothing wrong with the lyrics of this 2 song.

believe me when i say i was never in my life belittled, disrespected and humiliated and disgusted by the fake so called store manager

Nov 1, 2016

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