Shopritewaiting time*

hi, i was at shoprite oxford street week before last and every time its pay day or pay weekend the queues tend to be loooooong, there was no staff member or supervisor to reassure us that they have called someone to come and help on the tills. today 14/01/17 i was at shoprite Gill well mall and i waited for almost close to an hour and i was on lunch at the time which meant i could not even eat because my lunch hour was over when i got back to work!!!
on both occasions i saw that there was at least six cash registers open but no-one to serve us, your most valued customers who actually pays you guys.
the supervisors was just standing around and did not interact with the customers, only authorizing when its called upon them to. please know in the queues there are people who have diabetes, low and high blood pressure and cannot stand so long in the queue. pleas be so kind to call me back on [protected], my name is Adwin as this is unacceptable.thanks.

Jan 14, 2017

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