Shopritewrongful termination

I worked for a large supermarket not names right now I am a butcher and was working on a sat night by my self from around 3:30 that after noon the time was now 8:40pm 20 min before I got off work and I broke down all the saws in my dept. That we use to cut steaks I was in the middle of throwing out the garbage before I was to go home when I remembered my wife asked me to pick up some steaks I got a rain chk from customer service that closed at 9pm also the next day when I came in to work I was called up to the office and told I was being being written up for and suspended pending human resources for getting a rain chk when there where still steaks left in the case I told the store manager that there where only like 10 steaks left in the case and it would have not left any stakes for the customer so I called the union they setup a meeting with mangement and they decided to discharge me on the basis of integertiy I worked there 18 months and only got written up for being late so I applied for unemployment and it was granted for 4 weeks then I got a letter of retermined determination that I was denied for violation of policy and misconduct now in the store manuel it is not a violation to get a raincheck so now I have no source of income for my family I have filled out about 30 alpplications and followed with them still nothing I put I a request for a hearing with my claim plus now we are very close to getting a loan mod on our home we are in forclosure now everything I fought so hard for is over they did not tell the labor board the truth also have my union delegete on recording confirming something is not right that hehas never heard someone getting fired for a raincheck

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