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Cape Town, South Africa
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Dear Checkers Management

I’m writing this email to explain my utter disgust at how some of your staff at Checkers and checkers Liquor Kloof Street Cape Town. treated my boyfriend on Friday the 13th January 2017. After being over charged for reduced goods at your supermarket and having to go back home only to realise the mistake, my boyfriend then drove back for the refund. He was treated with disrespect and the refund book shoved into his face. That same evening we visited the Liquor store to buy a bottle of KWV Shiraz wine only to be over charged for that. My Boyfriend went back to the liquor store after his refund from the supermarket and explained what had happened they told him to go home fetch the bottle of wine and bring it in. He did exactly that. Upon arriving back at the bottle store he was ignored by the staff at the till and then told to go to the back of the store to the manager, he did so and started explaining with the bottle of wine in his hand, The manager refused to listen and started calling security saying he had stolen the bottle of wine, even though he had the slip and had just been in the store a few minutes before, (we live just up the road). Security came and grabbed his arm and held him whilst they checked the security cameras to see if he had stolen the wine. Checkers Liquor was busy at this point and there was a long queue of people over looking the incident. He was humiliated and close to tears from his frustration at this point. They eventually pulled up the time he walked into the store and found that he had in fact not stolen the wine and done just what he was told. The security let go of his arm and the manager refunded him the R9.99 overcharge. She did not apologize and looked rather annoyed that she had to now give him money back. We are not cheapskates, but the fact is the principle of being overcharged by R9.99 and minutes before for groceries. My family and I all live in the area of Oranjezicht and use your store nearly on a day to day basis. I can assure you that after this incident none of us will be shopping at any checkers branches. This experience has not only traumatized him but also outraged his own family members and friends. Your staff are rude and abrasive and not trained properly. No- one has offered him an apology and that in itself shows poor management.


Disgruntled Ex Customer.

Jan 31, 2017

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