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I went to Shop Rite in Old Bridge on Rt 9 North by the Ferry Roud. I wanted to get some cheese and ham for my family breakfast. I was very surprised when instead of thank you I got harassed by one of the workers for making they work hard for my order! Worker talked about me with her co-workers in front of my face with her back turned to me. I got my order with an attitude that has been almost throwing into my face. In addition I got comments about my hair and my clothes. After feeling awful I spoke to the manager and I got the same attitude! WOW! So when I got home soaking in up and opened my shopping I opened the packet and it smelling bad. I felt harassed, unfair, humiliated for shopping and choosing to spend my money at the SHOP RITE! I got back, and asked them to try what they sell. They pretended along with the manager whose name is CHRIS that they don't know what I am talking about. All I said that if I ended up in the hospital after eating this they can be sure I will sued them all! NEVER AGAIN I GO TO THIS STORE!
By the way I know they didn’t take me serious. But I take my family serous. That is why I will not leave it alone and will write to whose above them.

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  • Ho
      Aug 07, 2009

    I stopped going to the ShopRite in Old Bridge after over 30 years of shopping there. In fact I worked there briefly many many years ago and seen how the place changed after the newest owner took over. I seen many changes there and have seen people come and go. Recently though, in the past few years the store has went down and the attitude of the workers is aweful. That along with the quality of the produce and appitizers makes it one of the worst grocery stores in the area. Now I shop up the road at A&P, and although a wee bit more expensive I find it a most pleasant place to shop with a better quality foods available.

    The managers at ShopRite (Dave and Russell) had always been helpful and friendly though, even going out of their way to help me and my wife. It's certain workers attituses that are horrible. I've added my own complaint about the name calling I've experienced here by certain members of the night crew. That was last straw when running into these guys and vowed to never shop in ShopRite again.

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  • Be
      Nov 23, 2012

    Goeie dag
    Sal u asb u snit benaming reg kry, u is besig om die publiek te mislei.
    Die verkeerde snit benaming word by snitte op tv geadverteer asook nie in kg nie maar in gramme dit mislei die publiek.
    Die voledige snit benaming kaart van verskillende karkasse is by SAMIC beskikbaar.
    Vind asb met opeenvolgende e pos die kaarte aangeheg.
    Let op die opskrif aan plakkaat dit is Suid Afrikaans en n regerings organisasie.

    Die bedoeling is nie vyhandig nie, hoop net dit word reg gestel.

    Die uwe

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  • Si
      Nov 20, 2013

    My aunty went to put money ay Shoprite Golden Walk Mall. She sent me the reference number without a pin. She later gave me the pin over the phone. Few days later I went to cash the money, to my surprise, the teller showed me the screen of the till"Error money received". I immediately call Aunty to investigate. Only to tell her it was received at Rosettenville but they don't tell her at list by who or ID number. I didn't receive the money, she keeps the pin in her head, so who took the money? I always thought it was safe to put money at Shoprite, but somehow its not and they can't give you all the information you need as the person who is put the money in the first place.

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  • Me
      Jul 07, 2015

    Mike Horn that works in the Shop Rite of Franklin, in Franklin, NJ 07416 is the rudest person I ever met. He has the personality of a wet noodle. Never says excuse me or thank you-just stands there and waits for you to move!!! Something has to be done about him.

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  • Bo
      Jul 15, 2015

    We tried to use the Online Coupons, at Absecon New Jersey Shoprite, but they didn't work. We selected them a couple days ahead of our shopping trip, and they still didn't work. We tried Campbells Homestyle Soup, getting 4 cans for $1.00 off On Line Coupon, and 2 Boxes of Cheeze Its, for $1.00 off, On Line Coupon. Can you fix this problem ?

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  • Da
      Apr 29, 2016

    I have been a loyal shop rite customer at Brown's in Brooklawn, NJ. Two years ago when they started shopping on-line I was completely satisfied. This past year I have received wrong items, broken seals and have called to complain. I have sent home delivers back because they have arrived over 2 hours late and just not come all, with no calls to explain. April 29, 2016 I placed an on line delivery between 1& 3 pm, shop rite called to ask if they could come early at 12:00 order was in truck I said yes. They delivered at 3:50 pm after I had to call shop rite, waited 4 hours. Arrived with two broken gallon water bottles and bags full of water. Had to go to shop rite for manager who was polite and helpful but I was already more then upset. I will not be using Brooklawn shop rite again and I recommended delivery and pick up to many family and friends. A truly disappointed customer. Dawn Rebstock

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  • Na
      Jul 15, 2019

    I have been going to Shoprite Middestad and there is one particular manager that I always find very rude, this lady manager doesn't know how to treat the staff, she is forever shouting at the staff and I feel that she doesn't respect them nor the work they do. I always seem to find her shouting the cleaners in her office (door open) does not care what the customers say, I believe that cleaners should be treated like any other human being as they do the most hardest job that not everybody wants to and that needs to be acknowledged & also be appreciated. This lady manager she is Muslim & this is not a discrimination kind of complaint but she doesn't treat the staff equally from what I have seen every time I visit the store and she also lacks customer etiquette as I once saw her shouting at the cleaning lady for trying to assist & advising the customer on what they need to do if they cannot find what they are looking for in the aisle

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