Shopkosetup to fail!

This is in referance to the Mountain View Wyoming store #765. I was an employee for nearly two years, I left to focus on health issues but was set to return in October. As the store manager began my re- hire process, she was terminated without warning. Having friends at the srore, I decided to return anyway, and applied for every open position. It took nearly two weeks for them to call, the assistaint manager (who had given his two week notice because of the stores condition) set up an appointment for me to start, then called to say my background check still needed done, and made me wait another week. All this behind me, I went back to work. It was a chaotic week with no direction and no leadership. People had been interviewed for the open management positions but none were offered the jobs. The only authority was Fred the area coach and he would promise nothing. As I fought to get through Black Friday, I could not help but notice how chaotic everything was, yet they still would appoint NO leadership what so ever. On the assistaint managers last day, I asked him if there woyld be any leadership in place when he left. The plan was to promote noone at the leave the store with three supervisors, no manager or assistaint, to have a manager from a differant town visit the following week(this week). So, I felt (knowing the people who would be left in charge by default) that I had to leave. You see, I have great interest in making the store ALL it can be, but I can not do that with no direction, leadership or encouragement. No one can, and they should not be asked to. The store is primed for turmoil now. The people left do not posses the skills to make it better. For the sake of your success and theirs, please interveign and appoint the leaders to help them all suceed. They are set up to fail and there is nothing they can do about it. Please, investigate this matter and help them succeed!

Nov 29, 2017

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