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[Resolved] Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry / Update: Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry

1 Chicago, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-331-551-1131

A warning that there's a couple more kitchen cabinet companies out there being run by a scammer named Frank Lamark. These newer websites are "Shop RTA Cabinets" and "World Craft Cabinetry". Frank Lamark is ripping people off by taking their kitchen cabinet orders, then cashing their checks and money orders and NOT sending their cabinets, then ignoring their emails and phone calls and NOT giving them a refund. The Illinois State Attorney General has filed suit against Shop RTA Cabinets and Frank Lamark:

The Illinois Attorney General website says (copy and paste, verbatim): "Click Marketing Inc., In Stock Cabinets Inc., Shop RTA Cabinets Inc., World Class Commerce Inc. and Frank LaMark, Jr., based in Franklin Park, for charging customers for cabinets they never received. According to the lawsuit, consumers purchasing cabinets online or in stores were required to pay up front. The lawsuit says the promised cabinets were never shipped, and consumers did not receive refunds."

Update: There's also tons of unresolved Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry complaints at the Chicago area Better Business bureau (BBB) for both of his companies which are rated "F" and have alerts posted to warn consumers:

The Shop RTA Cabinets and World Craft Cabinetry websites combined with his UPS Store mail drop boxes, checks and money orders only (big red flag), automated email response system, and 1-800 recorded call centers have netted "free money" for the owner Frank Lamark and many hundreds (if not thousands) of angry customers who paid for cabinets, never received them and then did not receive the refunds that they asked for. I recently did a Google search for "Frank Lamark Research" and "Frank Lamark Complaints" and found even more then I bargained for, much worse than when I first posted here about this scam a few years ago - yes, it's still going on after all these years.

If you lost money from Shop RTA Cabinets, World Craft Cabinetry or Frank Lamark I recommend you file a complaint through your state Attorney General web site "and" the Chicago BBB for Shop RTA Cabinets or World Craft Cabinetry, whichever of his companies is not shipping the cabinets you paid for and is not giving you your money back through a refund. He's not concerned about your email requesting a refund (delete) or your voice message to one of his 1-800 call centers asking for your money back (erase), he IS however very responsive to government agencies and the BBB as he must "smooth" things over with them in order to keep doing what he's been doing for so long. The government and the BBB have the paid staff to contact him (and get his attention), investigate your case for you and help you get your refund back. But they can't read your mind so YOU have to take the first step and file a complaint if you want your money back. It has worked for others in the past... it will work for you too:

From what I can tell his other two kitchen cabinet companies "Cabinets Direct RTA" and "In Stock Cabinets" are no longer operational for kitchen cabinet orders and they now redirect to his blog.

I believe when his BBB rating hits the grade of "F" and there are too many complaints for him to respond to, and the website starts to show up at places like this... he opens a new kitchen cabinet website and the cycle of having consumers send their checks or money orders to his UPS drop boxes continues. I recommend you avoid any of his many other kitchen cabinet registered domain names:

Best of luck to you. If you already ordered through Shop RTA Cabinets or World Craft Cabinetry with an e-check to Frank Lamark, then I hope the links above help you get your money back.

Jul 23, 2015

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