Shell / broken gas pump

Richmond, IL, United States

Yesterday I went to the Shell station on rte 12 in Richmond ILL. I went to pump #7. I had a $25 gift card so I went into the station to present it with my reward card. The attendant ran both cards and turned the pump on. So far so good. I went back to my car and started pumping. The pump stopped at $3. I went back into the store. She said I had to put the back back and then start again. I went back to my car, did that. The pump would not start. I went back into the store, and mind you every time I went back in I had to wait for other customers before she would help me. This time she said she would reset it. I went back out to my car. The pump would not start. So now I was getting pretty agitated. I went back in and said I could try another pump. She said fine and turned the next pump, number 8, to fill the rest of the gift card, $22. I moved my car to that pump. I attempted once again to fill my car. This time my $.03 credit was not applied so I lost that too. The pump stopped at $10.57. By this point I was extremely angry. I went back into the store. She told me to put the pump back in the holder and then try again. I asked if the pump was broken, as she suggested they knew the day before, why isn't there an out of order sign on the pump. She gave me some crap about how it comes and goes. I said that is ridiculous. So I went back to my car once again. The pump would not start. I went back into the store and insisted I get my gift card back, which had better have money left on it. I was not nice at this point and asked for the owner's name and number. I told her to put a g-d damn sign on the pump. I got my card back and left. I want my $25 back and perhaps another gift card for all my trouble. I will never go back to this station. I am disgusted with what occurred.

Jan 11, 2017

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