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This Sunday evening at about 10pm on April 30, 2017. A friend and myself walked to shell gas station at 584 W.National Rd in Vandalia, OH 45377. I tried to buy beer. I approached the register and showed the attendant my I'D. The manager stated she could not or would not sell the beer to me because I have a out-of-state I'D. She stated that company policy to purchase alcohol is that I must have a In-state drivers license.

I have been living in vandalia OH since September 2009 and I have always bought beer at this particular shell gas station using a out-of-state ID. I am a 44 year old black woman.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Vandalia, ILMy friend who is a younger black female was at this shell earlier in the day and was able to buy beer using only her In-State Ohio ID. She does not have a drivers license. Likewise, another female friend who is also black was able to purchase wine and beer from this same shell using her Indiana drivers license (not a Ohio drivers license). Furthermore, my boyfriend who only has a passport has been able to buy beer from the same exact shell gas station. Also a white male friend who has a Georgia drivers license (not a Ohio) was able to buy beer.
I informed her that I would be making a complaint and contacting corporate. I asked for her name. She refused to give me her name and told me that I was no longer welcome in her store.
This has been a very negative experience for me as a black woman.

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    I strongly suggest whoever this white young woman/female is she should be terminated immediately and/or disciplined. I myself work for a major airline in customer service. I am very knowledgeable about policies, rules and regulations that must be followed consistently by all employees at all times.

Apr 30, 2017

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