Sheetz / stupidity on a west virginian level!

Martinsburg West Virgi, US
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I was at my local sheetz getting gas in my girlfriend's car after using restroom and getting a faygo or something and the screen at the pump was upside down! Really? I do not buy into stereotypes nor generalizations however I am starting to get it-the west virginia stigma the longer I live here. It doesn't stop just keeps getting worse and worse. This is my second issue with a sheetz in the last month or so and both in this state!


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    I rode my Honda CBR 600 RR-Leyla to Sheetz # 546 off exit 8 between Martinsburg and Inwood but it is considered Martinsburg still. And that is the way we came from Martinsburg 81S to exit 8 Tabler Station rd. I have been avoiding (gas/air stations around here suck found out with my ninja zx-7R and it wasn't an automatic but f'd up gauge and had to pay for the air and the middle eastern owner said nobody else complained baligerantly) it but gotta do it every so often and both were approximately 4-5 psi under but nothing major. Started with front tire, set the pump at 37psi (1 over 36 psi) slightly warm from ride there (I am a schooled and experienced motorcycle and automotive tech.) the pump took a concerning long time counting up and then started down and never reached 37, felt the tire and noticed a line formed and a bubble in center contact patch, got mine out of backpack, checked with my pin type gauge-read 50+ which is where it goes up to and stops. I promptly let out til correct psi. and went inside to report and then called number to CS. the second man. gave me to call then and there but it was on a Sunday. I have a reference # and am in process of resolving matter but wanted to post online as well fyi-thanks!

    stupidity on a west virginian level!
    stupidity on a west virginian level!
Mar 10, 2017

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