Sheetzhose that had a leak in it and sprayed me with gas

On May 5, 2017 at 11:34:39 I stopped at the Sheetz @1900 Ritner Highway, Carlisle, PA 17013 - # 263. There telephone number is: [protected], I went to pump no: 06 - inserted my sheetz card & the form of payment card and was going to start to fill my tank - when I got sprayed and I thought it was with water. (This day we received a lot of rain and also at this location it was very windy.) To continue my story, while I was trying to find the source of why I was getting sprayed, I smelled gas, while looking up at the hose, I seen the hose was spraying out gasoline and by the blowing wind, gas was in the eyes and all over my clothes, in my hair, my glasses etc. Immediately I went into the store and interrupted a lovely cashier and told her what happened and asked for the store manager, The store manager did not come and speak with me but a lovely young man who asked what the problem was, followed me to my car, who accessed the situation and immediately returned with another gentlemen who took care of the situation and put a yellow bag over the pump.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Carlisle, PAI went inside to speak with the store manager because I wanted to get my money back since the gas was spraying out and I did not get any benefit in my car. I then told them also my car needed to get the ultimate car wash. That seemed to cause some problems. I never did speak with the manager and when I went over to the car wash I did not get the ultimate wash. The customers in the store was more concerned for my safety then any one appeared at Sheetz, since I was sprayed with gas from my hips up. I went home took a bath, washed my hair and I still smell of gas. I am 71 years old, my eye lid has a burning sensation and I am not sure if the gas did any damage to my glasses and I have a really bad headache from the gas smell, since I am also an asthmatic. I do understand things happens, but do not turn your back on your customers and pretend that nothing has happened. I had to drive home with gas on my clothes and odor of gas is in my car. I had beautiful customers who helped me more than anyone at sheetz. I fill that Sheetz would definitely be responsible for any bills I have if I go to the Doctors because of this incident and also if I need new glasses because of this incident. I also, fill Sheetz should compensated me for all the stress that I had to endure.

May 05, 2017

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