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I completed a shaw survey.In the end of survey it was stated that if you complete the survey then you will win a gift. When I completed the survey they gave me choice of retinolla company cosmetics to choose which were according to them free and only delivery charges will be taken. I paid $12 for shipment of gift. They now deducted after one month $400 from my credit card. The retinolla company (
) says that it was trial pack for 2 week and if some one didnt send back the trial pack with unsatisfactory response in two weeks they will be charged amount of both cosmetics which are $400.
I am just wondering that we trusted shaw internet and participated in their survey but they harm us financially by lost of $400 for a gift. How it become a gift when it has terms and conditions like that. It is totally unjustified and scam. I am really disappointed. And will never participate in shaw internet surveys and advise others too to not participate in shaws surveys to save them self from lost of $400. My question is that who will refund my loss. If shaw company couldn't take action in to this matter then it will affect their market and customer and their reliability and trust among public.

Feb 07, 2017
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  • Br
      Jun 04, 2017

    Just in the last couple of days, my online activity has been annoyingly interrupted several times by an invitation to complete a Shaw survey. What I especially don't like is how I'm not given the option of simply declining the survey. I have to stop what I was doing and shut down my browser in order to get rid of this nuisance. I'd love to be able to let Shaw know that this doesn't impress me at all - this 'complete the survey & win a prize' nonsense.

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  • Br
      Jun 05, 2017

    @Bruce Shand I just now discovered (with another survey interruption) that there is an "x" I can click on that gets rid of the annoying survey invitation. But it's still a nuisance, and I'll still never be interested.

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  • Cv
      Jun 26, 2017

    These surveys do not actually come from Shaw. The company that sends them is fraudulently misrepresenting itself as companies that you deal with. It may appear to come from your internet service provider, your bank, your insurance company. It is a scam and if you do not cancel you will continue to receive products every month and be charged far more for them than the products are worth.

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  • Sh
      Jul 17, 2017

    I just closed a popup with a similar scam. It promised a $50 gift certificate for something, for a survey I could only take today, from "" It didn't look like a communication from Shaw. Where was the Shaw logo? Not there. These people are scammers. Shaw is not responsible for scammers who abuse their good name to make a buck by duping people. It is our individual responsibility to do as I did. BE SUSPICIOUS of everything. I felt a bit of hope at first. 50 bucks! Sure, I want 50 bucks! Let that not override common sense. Another word for common sense is SUSPICION. This is the internet and there are many, many users who are waiting for the desperate and the gullible to fall for their scams. If the thing is true, Shaw will surely advertise promotions beforehand. In the case of the survey that can only be answered today, they are preying on your fear of missing out on something, and pressuring you to act. I don't believe either, that Shaw is only going to give its customers ONE DAY to benefit from the survey.
    Don't be a victim. Be suspicious of everything. Also, in the interests of sensitizing yourself to these types of things, go to YouTube and check out some videos on scams and scam baiting. Watch enough of them and the scams that come through email and popups become very transparent. Oh, and it is sensible too, to ignore supposed positive user reviews. Anyone can write those reviews. Anyone, including and especially the operators of a website or their friends. Open another tab in your browser. Look for separate reviews on different websites. Look for impartial and well-written reviews and look for warnings about scams using the good name of companies like Shaw.
    It's the Internet. Be suspicious of everything. Be suspicious of tech support popups and emails, be suspicious of free money.
    This is the internet. Millions of people from around the world are here with you. They're not all nice people.

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  • Ro
      Dec 07, 2017

    Shaw has to shut down these scammers. They take over my computer and make me restart my session. I will check clicking on the X as another poster has advised but so far nothing has worked. I am cleaning with Malaware Bytes and hope that solves the problem, but Shaw has to go after whoever is fraudulently using their name to scam customers. Was Shaw hacked?

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