Shaw Communicationsshaw intentionally makes it difficult to impossible to disconnect or reduce services

Shaw Direct Satellite will let you add services online but requires you to phone them to disconnect or drop any services. This applies to changes as insignificant as dropping or switching one channel for another. This is problem because they do NOT answer their customer service calls. Wait times are so long that unless you are unemployed and have unlimited calling minutes, you cannot out-wait them.

I have tried to reduce services twice previously this year and had to give up after well over 1 hour on hold each time. Today I called, the system indicated there was an estimated wait time of 5 to 15 minutes as a result of 36 calls in advance of me. The system provided an option to be called back in 5 to 15 minutes when it was my time. I chose this option and received a return call within 5 minutes. The automated service indicated I was now first in line. (Suggesting 35 calls were processed in 5 minutes). I have now been on hold waiting over 1 hour for presumably the 1 call in advance of me. As a test, on a different phone, I called and selected the option of "not a current customer/interested in signing up". Amazing, my call went through immediately. What an amazingly slimey business. I will be cancelling all services (by mail), lodging a complaint with the Alberta Better Business Bureau and transferring to SaskTel cable. It appears Shaw does everything it can to to make it as difficult as possible for customers to cancel monthly services. This is a dishonest, unacceptable business process.

Nov 22, 2018

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