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i got a call from shaw, trying to get me to buy a digital box so i could recieve 5 more station the stations did not apeal to me so i declined and never thought much more about until one day i tried to watch channel 41
it was gone and what was in its place an ad from shaw saying if i wanted that station i would have to buy a digital box they have done that with our channel 30 also how very clever these people are im just guessing at this but at thier first attempt to sell us digital boxes did not go wel for them so some ### came up with a new plan to screw us im waiting now for the next statment to arrive to see if the amount is lower it better be or their gonaa find a raccoon in thier hen house, do these people read the paper or listen to the news america economy is circleing the drain, our economy is not far behind them and as a small business owner i watched my sales drop by 60% in three years the price of the new box is really not a lot i believe around three dollars a month per customer the bottom line for their corporate greed, im guessing big bucks i hope a lot of people go after them to voice their opinion and those of you that dont want make any trouble well you can stand there with the lamb at the slaughter house door and wait your turn

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      Jul 07, 2014

    Shaw hooked up my cable and installed an outlet, the cable box blew and blew my tv, now they are saying it is not their can that be, I want my tv replaced and have not heard from them...

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