Shaw Cable / double billling and lack of customer service

Vancouver, BC, Canada Review updated:

I attended the Shaw secret sale on December 31, 2011 and purchased and arranged for the new Shaw Gateway to be installed, upgrading my existing system. The original install date was not met and hence the frustration started with the lack of customer care. With no alternative at that time I sent a complaint to both the CRTC and the Better Business Bureau.

I was contacted shortly thereafter by one of your staff, Ryan (Shaw Employee) to try and resolve the issue. Ryan (Shaw Employee) stepped in and stated that he would take care of things to ensure it was installed and my account corrected with the changes set up on December 31, 2011 at the Secret Sale. Ryan offered a $300.00 credit for my existing PVR in good faith to retain me as a customer.

The new gateway was installed a couple of days later, by a great installer with a very high level of customer service. Where the issue again started was when I was reviewing my monthly invoice, dated February 18, 2012:
- I noted the credit of $300.00 as discussed with Ryan (Shaw Employee), but then noted the additional charge of $300.00 for equipment purchase.
- I contacted Ryan (Shaw Employee) and asked him why I was charged again for the gate way when I paid for the gate way on December 31, 2011 at the secret sale when
- Several calls later Ryan stated that the issue was resolved
- I then reviewed my next invoice online to discover that the double billing had not been resolved
- In noting this I again contact Ryan (Shaw Employee) and left several messages stating that the double billing had not been fixed. When I received a return call from Ryan on Monday March 26th, I stated that I was getting frustrated again with this. Ryan’s response was that he would have it resolved and would send me an email to my home email account verifying it was resolved. I also mentioned that I had received an automated call that my account was in arrears, which I was not happy about when it would actual have a credit balance of $22.93.
- I have left a voice message on March, 27, 28 and 29th letting Ryan (Shaw Employee) know that I would appreciate a follow up call and mentioned that I had not received the email from him as he stated in our March 26th phone conversation.
- I have contacted your customer service department to let them know that I was dealing with Ryan (Shaw Employee) on the double billing on my account. If they need to verify this issue to please call him. The response I received was “ I will note it on your account and will hold any service disruption till Friday (March 30, 2012)”. My reaction was “Pardon Me”, and now I am even more frustrated with Shaw Cable. I would understand this response if this situation was my fault, however to receive this comment when I have spent several hours over a period of two months trying to resolve the issue.

Since mid-January I have received escalating frustration with your company to resolve this situation. With unacceptable customer service in resolving this issue. With no response from Ryan in three days, either via phone or email, I have no alternative but to utilize the media for the double billing, lack of customer service and frustration that Shaw Cable has created.

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  • Co
      4th of Oct, 2012

    Just to let every one know about more Shaw problems, I filed papers with Telus to get there service, and they told me that I needed to let Shaw know about the change. So on Sept.4, 20012, I did that, as of Sept 18, 2012 Telus would be here to change things over for me. On Oct 4. 2012, I call Shaw to check that balance owing and they tell me $310.00, and of course I am now very upset with the amount. After about 1 hour of being transferred around, I hand up. In about 10 minutes this man calls back and wants to talk about the bill. He states I did not give 30 days notice and they will be going from the date Telus hooked up the service, yet it is documented the I called in on Sept 4, 2012 to cancel service. But yet this man still tells me to read the back of the bill and all there policies are on there. Yet again proceeds to tell me that I did not give notice, and I owe this money. To me that is not right and to double bill your customers, is and should be against the law.

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  • Mt
      10th of Oct, 2015

    Shaw has been double billing me as well

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