Shakey's Philippines / poor display of urgency to complaint filed

Las Pinas, Philippines

Botched delivery of 2 Party Size thin crust pizzas- what we got were 2 large circles of plywood for crusts, and lame toppings. Local brands such as 3M or Lotsa Pizza would have given us better food quality than what we ordered, which came from Shakey's Las Pinas branch.

BUT- true complaint is the robotic and poor display of urgency by the company- emails were sent to their office regarding this, but there was no action whatsoever done, aside from a generic pm via FB asking about what happened. When a friend shared my status, they responded with the EXACT same message, clearly showing the lack of comprehension from whoever was assigned to look into the issue.

I filed the complaint via email on January 4. It has been 6 days, still no one taking full ownership of the problem.

Totally pathetic service

Shakey's Philippines

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