Seven Eleven / no-bad service / dirty store

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The store is always completely dirty at Hazeltine and Sherman in Van Nuys Ca. I've called and made complaints none of which have been fixed, they use old mop water to clean the floors it smells like rotten food and everything is brown and discussing. They never have straws and cups out there is dirty rags on dirty counters all the time. Everything is just such a mess and dirty and smelly and nobody runs it, cleans it or takes pride in it. Lines are long, they try to make you forget your change and never give receipts for expensive items or when they own change so you can't return and then make it look like you are stealing so they can get more money and I've seen them put it in their pockets! The guy shortchange you and act like I'm stupid in the middle of a huge line! How do they keep a job?And the one dude with the long hair that keeps it up under his hat he is extremely dirty! talking gross to young women telling them to come home with him or if you can come to their place... he's done it to me and it's not ok! I've heard him do it to a lot of other people and nobody has done anything to try to fix this it's disgusting. Please complain too if you have been there and had problems so we can get some action!

Nov 27, 2016

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