Sephora / they shipped wrong order! cannot believe this company right now!!!

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Sephora was having a VIB 20% off sale. I am a VIB ROUGE. I placed an order on 11/05/17. I receive my package to find that not one thing I ordered is in this huge box! There are 2 items in the box that are not even close to what I ordered. I call sephora to tell them this is unacceptable (someone obviously did this on purpose) and I want the items that I ordered. They tell me that the items are now out of stock and I am not able to receive them. I am livid and furious. This company is a billion dollar company and I definitely contribute by being a VIB ROUGE and this is what they tell me? Then they say we will give you a refund (well first of all...duh) but how do you expect to keep your customers when this is what happens? Also, I am really frustrated by the Sephora customer service representative who will not let me speak to a supervisor and keeps telling me that they have many calls to take. I feel as though their VIB status is a way to keep you buying more and that when an issue as such occurs they do not make you feel like you are VIB at all. This experience might actually keep me away from this company. I have plenty of room to take my business elsewhere.

Nov 15, 2017

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