Sephora / rude

Modesto, CA, United States

I have mixed reviews. I enjoyed shopping at the sephora at the Jcpenny store, that I went to on Sunday, but yesterday I went to the main Sephora in Modesto and I left bummed. Usually I get great service from Sephora's associates. That is why I shop there a lot. I've been a loyal customer ever since they opened up the store in Modesto. I love the store and most of the products. If I need help I get it most of the time.

Yesterday was different though because I had to return something that I wasnt satisfied with. That's why I love Sephora because I can take back what doesn't work for me, but I tried to return this product and this time I was attended by the rudest self called manager
. She told me that I return too many products and that if I keep doing it I won't be allowed to shop there any more.
First of all, I don't return products just to return products. I keep most of what I buy there, but sometimes there have been things that don't work for me or aren't what I expected.
If I pay close to a hundred for a cream I expect it to work better than a drugstore cream and if it doesn't I don't want it! The worst part of it all was that the woman attending me said "you're never going to look like a supermodel". I know I'm not a supermodel!! However I still like to take care of myself anywway. She was so rude.Besides that she's not supermodel herself. I don't know how people like that have jobs anywhere let alone at a great store like Sephora. I'll keep shopping there only because she's not the only employee and I love the store and they seem to want customer satisfaction, but I'll avoid her the supposed manager from now on. She ruined my day. I wont let her do it again.


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