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The first time I went to Sephora - I loved it. I was treated like royalty. I am not pretty or rich... I was truly amazed. Then I went to another Sephora and was treated like crap. NONE of the employees acknowledge me or anything.

They gave me looks like - what do you want. I left feeling like crap.

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  • Ka
      5th of Sep, 2010

    I just had the SAME experience at the Sephora closest to me. I am not rich, but I spend so much money there. No one was helping me (literally treating me like I was invisible when I did ask). I was looking for a replacement for my Kat Von D Lucifer Mascara. Well, none was on the shelf display, so I opened up the drawer underneath where all the extras go. I had been there multiple times where what I wanted didn't appear to be in stock, so when I asked a salesperson, they said, "Oh, well for the future, if it's not on display, you can open up the drawer and it almost always is down there!" Ok, so with no one helping me, even though there was a saleswoman directly behind me who would neither greet me or help me as I was hunting for someone to help... I opened up the drawer, not even putting my hand in it... just looking. So that got the saleswoman's attention immediately, as she jumped right behind me, and I quote... said the following, " MISS... YOU ARE MAKING ME UNCOMFORTABLE!" What just happened? I was treated by her like a common thief! Oh my goodness! I have NEVER in my life been treated that way by ANYONE! I didn't act, look, dress or behave as if I was anything BUT a paying customer! I am so appalled! I went to that store for the countless time to buy makeup and I was treated like garbage by one woman in particular! Everyone else was kind as usual! I don't understand! I had one young man one time assist me the entire time I was there, walking me around, helping me with everything! That is the kind of service I expect from an upscale store such as Sephora! I am so disappointed. I am going to purchase my makeup at the department stores where I used to from now on. I NEVER want to feel belittled like that again! I kept my cool to save for an email, but it took everything I had to walk away without saying anything after my purchases!

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  • Ih
      18th of Dec, 2010

    I am no longer a dedicated customer to Sephora. I spend so much money there and was treated like I was nothing. The manager laughed and rolled her eyes at me when I tried returning something that caused me to break out. This was the first time I returned something and I spend thousands at the hell hole. If anyone is looking to buy makeup, you are better off at department store like Nordstrom or Macy, at least they aren't rude to you and follow you around like you are a thief. Not only that I think they don't hire color people because I never seen color people working at all the 11 Sephora I visited around where I live. Anyways I'm never shopping at that store ever again. Everyone should stop being a sucker for that place. I love Nars so I'll stick to buying it from Nordstrom.

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