SCS Sofa'sdiscrimination

I was with two friends at my local retail park (cortonwood) when we decided to go and look at some sofa's in SCS. We decided to do this because we will shortly moving out and starting our own lives when we go to university. We are only 16 but are very mature and sensible and were just wanting to browse the store. We walked into the store and started to look around at some sofa's, when we walked into the store there were two workers sat on display sofa's at the entrance to the store, enough for a complaint on it's own merrit. Soon after entering the store one of the employees walked over to us and asked us for our age, he then said that if you are under 18 (which we are) you have to be with an adult. We said that we were 18 to see whether that would be enough to allow us to look at sofa's. However we were then asked to produce ID otherwise we'd have to leave the store. I was outraged that we as young people who are old enough to be married, join a political party and have a home of our own were asked to bring a parent along. I am not currently living with any of my parents so this was upsetting for me. My friends left the store whilst i told the employee that had challenged us what he thought about the 'company policy' of young people not being allowed to look at sofa's. He said that it was company policy and had no choice in telling us to leave. I am outraged at what happened and i don't think that i will be able to trust the store again and shall use one of its competitive stores. I am very disheartened by this policy and feel bad that this country has got to the point where people under the age of 18 have to bring a parent to look at sofa's or if over 18 have to produce ID WHY!!??

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