SCScarpet fitting

T Nov 20, 2017

I was due to have my carpet fitted on Friday 17th November and after being 2 hours late it turned out to be the wrong carpet! The carpet was put back in the van and my husband and I went straight to our Wrexham store to sort this out. We spoke to Ian who basically told us that these mistakes were not made and they would have to prove that the carpet delivered was wrong before they could rectify it. That left ya with an empty living room and out furniture scattered around the house. We were told that the carpet fitter would bring a sample to store to compare to the one we ordered (if he had time) I am still waiting for the carpet fitter to go to the store and I am constantly ringing for any information about my carpet, they say they will ring me and they will order the new carpet as they have received photos of the wrong carpet and agree it's different then I was told I would have my carpet fitted this week and some kind of compensation! I have had to go to store yet again today as no one had got back to me and the Manager Vinny wasn't a bit interested in talking to me just fobbed me off to the girl on the desk to whom I had to explain the whole sutuation again and I was told the carpet has not been re ordered and they still waiting for the sample piece and as Ian had mention compensation to me this was a shock for Vinney as his face said it all, basically no chance! I am so frustrated and feel so let down by these guys! We have also ordered sofas that we know won't be delivered until January but we changed from a 3 seater to a 2 seater and was told we would be refunded £10 price difference rather than changing paper work but we are still waiting for that too.. my husband just wants to cancel the whole order but I would like my carpet and sofas, can you please help and get something sorted..Regards..Tracy Evans [protected]

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