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Customer for over 4 years and am sick of the quality of service and scams this place runs. My lawn is full of broad leaf weeds in the month of Sept, at the end of the season when these weeds should have been killed back in June. I paid for Gub control and got grubs in late Aug, looked and seen they did the GrubX preventer that same month, when it should have been done in may-june like I paid for. Now the label says (that they must follow by law) as a preventer it needs to go down before grubs are active and at that time they should have used a curative product. I had insect damage over the summer that got wrote off as heat stress and the manager came to my property (Julio, Jose or something) and said would have someone spray for insects and blew me off and never returned my calls.

Some of the techs are great and just when you get used to one he tells us he is quitting and going to a rival over the poor working conditions they make these guys work. I had one who I can't say his name because he is a current tech tell me they have a high goal system and don't get paid overtime, a reason for the high turnover. Also told me they make them do applications in the rain and this could be reason for poor insect/weed control. I thought the DEP had laws for making applications on the rain or standing water??

Anyway, after my final round I am leaving for another company. If this company runs this way its a matter of time they will be gone, and people around me who use them agree who are leaving also.

PS- Teach your managers not to blow off customers!


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  • Gl
      Oct 18, 2010

    On Oct. 8, 2010 one of your people (sub-contractor) serviced my property and neglected to close the gate leading to my back yard. My wife & I spent nearly 4 hours looking for our two dogs.

    On Oct. 12, 2010 my lawn was serviced again. My dogs got out again because the ###s you hire don't know how to close a gate.

    I called your Wayne, New Jersey office and spoke to whom ever answered the phone and complained and was told a manager would call me back, they never did.

    I'm a business owner & know if I don't respond to complaints, I wouldn't be in business for long. What's your excuse.

    I'm finished with your company.

    Your people obviously can not do their jobs.

    I'll get a company next year with workers that can handle a simple task, like closing a gate properly.

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  • Jo
      Aug 17, 2011

    Terrible service.

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  • Na
      Sep 02, 2011

    After several conversations with different scotts lawn care customer service representatives about the many issues our lawn suffered under scotts lawn care, the invoices received reflecting charges that we were told would be waived, it is clear being their customer is a gamble. Under their so call care, our lawn was actually worse than when we used to apply the fertilizer ourselves. More weeds, yellow grass, voles, and it is clear scotts lawn care missed some large areas of our lawn. After many complaints and senseless explanations from their customer representatives blaming a “rough summer”, we have learned our lesson, and formally inform scotts in writing that we are canceling their lawn care service.

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  • Am
      Oct 13, 2011

    Hi Bob,

    I am with Scotts LawnService Corporate office in Marysville, OH. I am sorry there have been concerns. I would be happy to look into them for you. Pleae feel free to drop me an email with your full name and address or customer number.

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService

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  • De
      Dec 06, 2011

    Wake up Scott's Ohio office. SLS is going to bring the entire billion dollar company down by giving retail products a bad name. [protected] - mark my words that SMG will cut SLS loose and sell it off by then.

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  • Sc
      Dec 16, 2013

    as a lawn care technician for Scotts Lawn Service in Windsor Connecticut for 7 years. I would have to say this is a horrible company to work for I've never felt so bad for customers people being consistently ripped off and mistreated by this company...I would do my best as a good person and the way I was raised to make sure things were do it done right. Managers in the branch being fired all the time and over worked I was constantly lied to and overworked poor equipment was given to me and unsafe vehicles that constantly broke downwere made to be driven daily by me and others...the company has a horrible employment rate I would average see people being hired on and off rate about 40 people per season...Scotts Lawn Service will go down by 2015 using a good name and destroying it with money and profit greed!!!

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  • Da
      Aug 04, 2014

    Agree 100% - Scott's is the worst service I ever had. They missed appointments and when I called customer service they were just as amazed. I was told a manager would call me regarding the issue. They never called. I cancelled my contract and never heard from them again. Guess they don't care about the business. If that's the case, I'll find a lawn service that does care.

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