SBI Credit Card / wrongly debited amount of rs.25,000

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I was using the SBI card since 2017, In the month of April 2017 they had issued the pay order of Rs. 25, 000/- which we had not received & they wrongly debited the amount of Rs.25000/- (Twenty five thousand) in my SBI card statement & also they have started EMI for this amount. After observing my statement I had complained to SBI regarding the wrong debit of the amount, which they had also confirmed that they had got the pay order back. But despite the complaint they have debited my account with Rs.25000/- & also charged Late payment Fees, & interest on unpaid EMI in my account.

I have spoken to customer service & send the mails; but they told that late fees & interest has to be paid. I had also mailed to them stated that I am not going to use in future, the same thing was informed to customer service by phone. I have also given them written complaint on 15th March, 2017, but they have taken no action & added unnecessary charges in my account.

Now recently, I have received the legal notice from Lawyers Inc. Ref:QL/150/JUNE/LOT6/PT1/08/3321 stating that my total outstanding Rs.70286.72 on 25-Jun-2017, if i don’t pay, they will take appropriate legal action against me to recover the dues with interest and other charges.

Also they have given my name in defaulter's list which is spoiling my image in all banks.

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  • Aj
      25th of Aug, 2007
    SBI Credit Card - cheating sbi with me

    I hv already deposite all money in my craditcard account y u hv not closed my account, close it ill not be responcible for it, I hd received last statment of 6210/- rs on april 06 unnacessory u add me some bima money which I donor requir, then I talk to costmor care dept n close my account with 6210/- rupes n break my card n send u but u not close my account, unnacessory u r sending me bills, now if u send me again so ill go in consumer phorum, u always disturb my mind to send me sms on mobile if u not close it so ill complaint u in polise station, now plz finish my all account n never disturb me, ajay dubey bhopal

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  • An
      28th of Aug, 2007
    SBI Credit Card - unprofessional people

    During one of their marketing campaigns, the agents of SBI Credit Card thrust over me a credit card. I am very meticulous in using my credit cards. I also have credit cards of HSBC, HDFC, AMEX and Stanchart. I rarely use my credit card and always believe in using a debit card as there are no further headaches. I used SBI credit card during the past 3-4 months and was paying the bill in full (I never avail any credit). Last month also, I dropped my cheque in SBI branch in Anna Salai Chennai. Suddenly, on 28.08.2017, I received a call from one Mr.Thomas (if I remember the name correctly) who asked me to pay Rs.400 as minimum payment. I informed to him that all the bills are paid. He pleaded that the latest bill is not paid and the bill is delivered to one Mrs.Padmini. He also confirmed that all the bills are delivered to Mrs.Padmini. Again I confirmed that in the complex of four houses where I stay, there is no person by that name. But he never accepted it and insisted that he would send the executive for collection of the amount.

    I informed him that I would like to pay the entire dues as I do not want any credit to continue. He was not aware what the balance was and as a passing remark, he told it is around Rs.3790. He also in an accusing tone told me that I have made some purchases against the credit card. He asked me what my conclusion was. I reiterated to him that I would like to pay it in full and he can send his executive along with an up to date statement. He said, he can't do that and insisted for Rs.400. He also pleaded his inability to raise a duplicate bill or send any e-mail to me. When I was clear that I want to make the payment in full, he said, in a concluding tone "OK, We will take action against you".

    On 29th Aug, I received three calls from three different people from SBI Credit card asking for Rs.400. Finally, I could talk to one Sheela and informed her that I would like to pay it in full. She said, the balance is Rs.5,138. She would be sending the executive not today (29th) but tomorrow (30th).

    I have all the doubts - are they really doing some good business? The person who threatened me with action, can he be called a salesperson? I also told him to verify my earlier transactions and he can note that I have always paid the amount in full, without availing a single paisa credit. For information, I always maintain a small credit balance in all my credit card accounts - I do not want to get into the whirlpool of these tactics.

    Can anyone tell the people calling to understand that not all the credit card holders are thieves or defaulters. Resorting to threatening of action is become a fashion of today. If it crosses a certain level of tolerance, this tactic is sure to explode. Can anyone also clarify as to how the balance was Rs.3790 yesterday and shot up to Rs.5138 today? What is the system? I am unable to understand.

    The very fact that this complaint board says there are 53 complaints on this company, raises a doubt in the user's mind as to whether the people talking to the customers know the business and their own limitations?


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  • Ja
      26th of Sep, 2007
    SBI Credit Card - incorrect information provided by customer support!

    I had my Credit card disabled, since I failed to make payments on time. I called the Customer Support twice, to check what the procedure is, to activate the card. It was told to me that I have to clear the complete amount and once the payment is received the card will be activated. I made the payment and on receiving, when I called up to get the card activated, they inform me that they cannot activate my card. Instead, they will send me a new card with a new credit card number and that it will take 9 days again, to make this happen.

    I had given my credit card number to pay for my Visa processing. Due to this issue, my payment is going to be rejected and the process is going to be delayed... for God knows how long.

    The Customer Support not just gave me incorrect information, but was completely unwilling to accept any responsibility. The Supervisor did sound curt and rude instead of trying to help me out.

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  • Ve
      24th of Oct, 2007
    SBI Credit Card - harrasing calls from sbi

    I am holding SBI GOLD Credit card from last six months. I am not getting the bills on time and messages from sbi card. Apart from that i when i told this to sbi people, i am getting harrasing calls from sbi call centre, delhi.

    its really annoying and unreasonable act from sbi that without sending the bill they are harrasing the gold card holder members.

    now, they have charged me some heavy interest and financial charges. while i asked for the explaintation, they have nothing to say except harrasing calls for payment.

    Vedant Maheshwari
    CEO Ronald Pharmaceuicals.

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  • Re
      11th of Mar, 2008

    Its totally discourage to new costumer as old .If you see that mail can empathy with Mr. Ajay Dubay. Now days all are very aggressive, due to so much work. Its request to concern kindly solves his problem ASAP.

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  • Ds
      16th of Apr, 2008
    SBI Credit Card - not received so far even after 3 months

    I have applied for SBI card in the month of November 2017 thhrough our State bank of Hyderabad, gunfoundry Hyderabad branch as i am a employee of State Bank of Hyderabad with a promise that the card will be delivered at my residence with in 15 days. But even after 5 months i could not here anything from you. Whenever i call the SBI card people sitting at our Gunfoundry branch they say they don't know about the card.

    I request you to cancel the issue of credit card.



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  • Ab
      28th of Apr, 2008
    SBI Credit Card - credit card expired & still not issuing new
    State Bank of India

    I m using SBI Credit Card having expiry date February 2017. Last month i would like to purchase through that card. But unfortunately I could not swape the card. Then I knew that my card is expired. It was my mistake. But Bank is also responsible for this. Bank should issue a new card with new date before expire existing card. And in between this the Bank by Phone Executive called me from Mumbai and was asking me that why I am not using this SBI Credit Card..? Such a Irresponsible Service of SBI Credit Card Department...

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  • Vi
      1st of May, 2008

    For last four months there is problem in billing. Kindly look into the matter.

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  • An
      2nd of May, 2008
    SBI Credit Card - disturbing calls-no way related to us
    Credit Cards Collection

    For the past year, we have been getting calls on our mobile number from GE collection centre(Cards), regarding payment of outstanding dues for some Sarmistha Bose..
    Theirr pestering has been incessant although we have told them numerous times that in no way do know any one by that name.

    The number we have been getting calls from is +91 11 30535686 and many more numbers from that series..

    Please help us out. My mother is a patient of chronic renal failure and she gets very much disturbed by these pesky calls which disturbs her sleep..

    Kindly help us out.

    NB:These guys /girls calling have the audacity to say that if our mobile number is causing the problem, we should go and change our number!

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  • Mu
      12th of Jun, 2008
    SBI Credit Card - terrible experience
    SBI Credit Card

    An amount of Rs350/ is charged towards late fee this month. Though I have dropped Cheque (MICR ICICI Cheque) well in advance at Penderghast road ATM DROP BOX. Penalizing in this fashion is not justified keeping in tack of credits around 2 years. I wish to revert Rs.350/ in line with good business gesture. Your billing intimation is worst in comparison other CC operators Still you are very prompt on penalization. On line feed back from web site is not passing the mails.

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  • Ch
      23rd of Jul, 2008
    SBI Credit Card - invalid card payment
    SBI Credit Card

    I am holding SBI Credit card from last 2 years . After 1year completion my card became invalid (Validity period of the card is 1 Year). But every month i am receiving the statement from SBI credit card and they are charging Rs.100 Every month. Regarding this i spoke to call center several time every time they assure me to revise the validity period. I frequently sending the mail to Head SBI credit card, every time they will send the mail saying that they will solve the problem, But till date it is not happening. Its really annoying and unreasonable act from sbi that for invalid card i am paying Rs.100 every month. After paying 1000 Rs. i stopped the payment last month, but they charged 450 Rs.

    Now, they have charged me some heavy interest and financial charges. While i asked for the explanation, they have nothing to say except harassing calls for payment.

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  • Ba
      15th of Sep, 2008

    sir my card expair08/08 and idid not find my new card please do need full



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  • Sa
      16th of Nov, 2008

    the same with me I have facing the same problem.
    I had recieved an offer to sattel my account from SBI in 2017 and as per letter I have paid the said amount before the date. till now I have reciving the bill after sattlement it is not being closed.I have already send my all copy of sattelment letter and payment by Fax .but lill I am gatting the phonecall from SBI cradit card I am giving some of the name and there personel No where i have talked afte reciving the phone call from them.1Mr manish Srivastava 0971817965, Mr rana(09899184014) from their office(01130584870. I have send my all doc by fax on (0113058489565).
    Please do the needful otherwise I will take neccelery action to close this account.

    Regards :-
    sanjay Mishra

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  • Gb
      15th of Apr, 2009

    Please refer my complaint No; 00808910017963. A privilege circle fee has been charged in my SBI Card in the statement dated 23 March 2017. n o customer care executive visited my house as promised for taking back the welcome kit sent to me. I hereby lodge my protest for the charging of such fee Rs 6180/- Please revise my bill accordingly.

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  • Ni
      25th of May, 2009

    Dear Sir,


    I was used SBI Credit card number 4317575705797505 in 2017, in which my outstanding amont is around 15000, I apologise for not make payments at that point of time leads to result in my name is become Black listed and all Banks stops there services to me. My date of birth is 10.11.1980

    I want to make payments of that credit card and i want to settle down this case and resolved with an immeed effect. please make me a call at 09311052593



    III-B, 3, Flat Number o6,

    Near Holy Child Crossing,

    Nehru Nagar

    Ghazaibad, 201001

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  • Vi
      10th of Mar, 2010

    I had used the card only once for Rs.250/- and they send me the bill after 3 months with late fee for no fault of mine. However, I paid of f 500 and sent a fax to cancell the card. Now after 5 years they are claiming that the due is 10, 000 . Why should I pay for something which we are not using

    Very bad experience of SBI Credit card

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  • An
      1st of Jul, 2010

    Dated 01.07.2017


    I have a credit Card of State Bank of India In statement for the month of August '09 and September '09, I
    found that my cheque of HDFC Bank Ltd, Exhibition Road, Patna Ch No.0142621 dated 25.08.2017 for Rs.17720.00 settlement No.0082370013465 dated 25.08.2017 and Ch No.0142623 dated 26.08.2017 for Rs.100.00 settlement No.0082380019385 dated 26.08.2017 full & Final payment and deposit with State Bank Of India, Branch Exhibition Road, Patna Cheque Collection Box same date. Others payment collection by Credit Card Division for Rs.1250.00 by local messenger dated 08.09.2017 and told this amount adjustment but and this cheque Rs.1250.00 amount shall be transferred to SBI Card account(5264685314419472) in the name of ANIL KUMAR has shown penalty as well as annual card fee also which was agreed by SBI CARD management not pay in future and I continue the card. Kindly direct SBI CREDIT CARD management either pay back me all false charges of August ‘09 and September '09 billing or otherwise cancel my Credit Card. I am a honest payer of regular credits but SBI

    CARD is not maintaining creditability.

    Thanking You

    Yours Faithfully


    CC to RBI Credit Card Division, Patna.

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