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dear sir/madam

I was issued SBI Credit Card bearing No.[protected] during the year June 2005, immediately after 2 months in the statement dated 9th aug 2005, I found a debit amount of Rs.3518 against SBI Life Super Suraksha (prem and admin fee) which was not done with my authentication at all. In addition to this debit there were number of debits as follows. an amount of Rs 275.50 as over limit fee, an debit of Rs.58.15 as flexi pay processing fee, another debit of Rs.175 as flexi pay amount. In the same statement there was a wrong debit for an amount of Rs.3518 against date 23.7.2005 and immediately it was given a credit. ( this shows that there was no proper or authenticated entries made in the particular section of your department).
I wrote letters to the concerned authorities, i wrote a letter DATED 2nd august 2005 to, THE ASSISTANT MANAGER, OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT, SBI LIFE INSURANCE CO LTD AND SENT IT THROUGH COURIER explaining the situation clearly, asking for an explanation for the un authenticated debit using their name. There was no response. Then I wrote a letter dated 13th september 2005 to THE MANAGER, SBI CREDIT CARD DIVISION and sent it through courier, again there was no response or there was no reversal of wrong debits .
I again started talking to the SBI call centre representatives, each time a new representative picked the phone I had to explain the whole situation to each one. Some representatives promised me that they would reverse all the wrong debits, but I was dissappointed to find that nothing was done when I received the next bill (bill dated 9th september 2005). Some representatives game me many other telephone numbers and asked me to talk to them in this regard.
I spoke to concerned people in all these numbers which were given by your representatives in the call centre [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] (mr.anand reference number MOPS 310805). This was the only job i was doing the whole of the month of august and september 2005.
In the bill dated 9th october 2005 I again found a wrong debit of Rs.175 and Rs.3518, and then a credit of the same amounts Rs.175 and Rs.3518. This again shows that there were lot of discrepencies in the particular section of your division.
But this was not the end.I started getting calls from the recovery department, i explained them the whole situation but it was of no use. Their main intention was only to collect more money but no body came forth to solve the problem. Now i stopped using the card, broke the card and sent it to the SBI CREDIT CARD DIVISION I calculated the amount used by me and made a payment of Rs.3500/- to the recovery agent MR.UDHAY on 20th October 2010 But againt i started getting calls from them, now they started abusing me, threatening me and harrasing me. They again sent their representative to my place, promised me that if I pay an amount ༯span>of Rs.400/- they will reverse all the wrong debits and close my account. i paid an amount of Rs.400/-to Mr.M.K.SHAH on 5th April 2006, who has also given me a receipt. After this payment we never received any calls or any statements

But, now suddenly from March 2013, that is after nearly 8 years, the recovery department have started calling me again and now they say that there is an amount of Rs.55, 000/- is still pending in my account. They want me to meet them in person to make negotations in this regard and make payment so that they will help to remove my name which is reflected in the CIBIL. I have explained them clearly all the details of the past. I also told them that we are not in any way responsible for all this happenings. we are not ready to spend our hard earned money to make any payment which was not used by us.But they are not ready to clear this problem, but instead they are calling me every day and talking to me very rudely. They have started harassing me again over phone
i kindly request you to help me in this matter

Apr 19, 2013

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