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Dear Sir or Madam,

on my flight from Vienna to Delhi, Saudi Airlines lost my backpack with specialised trekking equipment of me and my friend inside worth more than 4000 EUR. After a week of delay the Saudi Office in Delhi told me the search would have been discontinued. Therefore I had to rebuy most of the items. Before we flew back to Austria 2 months later, we fortuitously went to our old hotel in Delhi, where we got my backpack back. The Airline had not told us at all that it apparently has been found. Since we got it back, the Airline only wants to compensate ~400 EUR for delay which does not cover even close the invoices of the expensive rebought items.
Last but not least I filled out the online "Baggage Claim" on the Saudia website two times. The first one had not been edited at all. It would have had to be edited within 28 days, long before the backpack had been found.

How I was affected: After the Airline officially declared my backpack lost, I had to spend a lot of money to rebuy the trekking equipment. My trekking group had to stay in Delhi 2 weeks longer than planned until the ordered items had arrived. When we tried to contact the Airline via phone calls or e-mails we didn't get proper information about the case and often didn't get an answer at all.

What would you like Saudia to do to resolve the issue: As I know delayed baggage is declared lost after 21 days of delay so that the Airline has to compensate up to an amount of 1131 SZR per passenger. Since the Airline declared the backpack lost and it took us 2 months until we got it back by accident, I would like this case to be treated as loss of baggage. Since there has been trekking equipment of me and my friend inside, I would like to have a compensation of 2262 SZR as well as an apology of Saudi Airlines.

I am happy for every support you can give me. Thank you very much in advance for your effort and help!

Yours sincerely,
Julia Story

Dec 11, 2018

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