Saudi Arabian Airlines / expat employee treatment

I would like to request the Saudi Arabian Airlines employee to treat expat employee fairly... Y are the same benefits not for an expat employee.. Fair treatment is what Islam is all about.. I dun understand Y and how a muslim country is the one doing such racism and that to when the expats have given their lives to build a secure saudi arabia... Y dun I see saudiz picking up the garbage on the roads..washing the bathrooms and stuff.. that all belongs to expat... but the a saudi who can't add 2+2 = 4 is at a very good position in Saudi Airlines earning unbelievable salary with all the benefits while the hard working expat who is of age but is healthy and comes to job daily isn't given something that is rightly this... I urge the company to look into the employee policies and just deciding that any employee of 50 and above should be terminated... Y ??? on what basis????

Mar 14, 2016

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