Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (SBTPG)tax return

S Mar 07, 2017

I first submitted my taxes to the irs through a second party on line tax program. I opted for the more expensive route and paid for the 59.00 program. I also knew at that time there would be a 39.00 processing fee. One week after the irs accepting my taxes, I got a email from the Santa Barbara tax group saying that there was suspicious activity on my account. They asked me to upload my dl front and back. I did this from my computer at work. So... fast forward three weeks later... no email saying that there was any issues, nothing. The irs released my tax return on the 19th. I did some research and phone calls to find out that the Santa Barbara tax group decided I didn't send it in... I did and have proof at least from my computer. So I resent then called repeated times alas still no tax return. I have now uploaded my dr license 4 times and it's the end of the first week in may. I have even asked them to just return it to the irs. They are frustrating. I have received conflicting ways to upload and they keep trying to blame it on me.

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