Sandusky Ohio Panera Bread / hardly any chicken in sandwich

Sandusky, OH, United States

I got a chicken sandwich, frontega pocaccia, at the sandusky, ohio, panera bread, on 4/25/17 for $5.99. I am still looking for the chicken. I am including pictures. I couldn't believe it. If I pay $5.99 for 1/2 sandwich, i'd at least like a piece of chicken or something similar. When it looks like to me is that someone chewed up what little chicken there was and spit it on the sandwich. It included cheese, tomato and I had them hold the chipotle mayo & red onion. Maybe if someone includes the red onion on it, they don't notice that the chicken has crossed the road and got away. I would say also that it took a very long time to get the little, iitty, bitty chicken but that the sales person/cashier was very apologetic for that and apologized immensely about it. Maybe he took a look at the sandwich and was apologizing that someone had chewed up my chicken. I won't be returning to that panera and am asking for my $5.99 be returned.

Sandusky Ohio Panera Bread

May 4, 2017

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