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I purchased a 50" LED Smart TV and when it arrived I wanted to use my existing wall mount to hang my TV. When I looked at the back of the TV to see where the screws were to mount there were none! I called Samsung and they said that is their policy not to include the screws needed for wall mounts and that I could purchase a "SCREW KIT" made especially for Samsung . Samsung customer service gave me a number to call "JJ International" parts and services and said I could purchase the screw kit for 14.07 plus shipping! First of all Samsung is a huge corporation with million dollar profits and you mean to tell me they can not include the screws that will fit in the holes in back of the TV so you can wall mount it?? I had to go to several local hardware stores before I could find size screws I needed. This was after numerous calls to Samsung asking what size and diameter. The first on-line "chat" person gave me the wrong measurements so that sent me on a wild goose chase for a screw that would not fit! Then after the 3rd call to Samsung is when a supervisor(whom I requested to talk to) told me I could purchase the kit. Boy!!! has Samsung got a SCAM going on! BUYER BEWARE!!! They may have great TV's but there customer service sucks and their add-on so called accessories will cost you more then they are worth! The kit had several sized screws I was told, well guess what Samsung, I only needed one size but you wanted me to pay for other screws that I wouldn't or couldn't use?!!! I have never had this problem with other brands of TV's I have purchased. LG even includes the screws!! and off brands like Insigna do too! What gives Samsung, you make the consumer carry the burden of looking for a small and simple part which cost at the most for 4 screws 3.00. Come on Samsung, if you want to keep your High reviews you better get with the program. START INCLUDING THE SCREWS FOR WALL MOUNTING ON ALL YOUR MODELS OF TV'S, I doubt it will hurt your revenues! I am really rethinking how I feel about Samsung and it's not good.

Jun 30, 2016

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