Samsung TV / faulty tv set

Bangalore, India


I hope this mail reaches at least one customer sensitive executive at samsung.
I have been trying to get a resolution to my problem for over 4 months now but all I am being offered are some blunt apologies and an unacceptable solution. So here is another try.

I and my husband bought a samsung led tv set in march 2012 thinking that we are getting the best class quality product currently in the market. Alas, in december 2012, we started seeing an issue in the tv screen wherein a black bar appeared in the top half of the screen. We were shocked to the hilt as this is not something that is expected in the first year of tv's normal operation. Nevertheless, we thanked our stars as the tv was still in warranty period. The panel was replaced at that time and we were told that it is a very rare problem seen and shouldn't happen again. Now two years later, we are getting a similar problem again where we see a horizontal and a vertical dotted line on the screen which kind of divides the screen into four. Imagine our shock again. And now we are told that it is a rare problem and we would have to change the tv panel again and the problem should not be seen again. After spending rs 60, 000 on a seemingly world class product, this is what we get. Getting "rare" problem twice within 3 years of tv's purchase shattered our belief about the quality of samsung products. And we are being expected to pay rs 24, 000 to change the panel and wait (With our fingers crossed) till a similar problem happens again. We obviously would not waste our hard earned money like that.

It might be just a case of one defective product among hundreds of the same kind which are good. And we understand that. But what we are more disappointed about is the way this is being handled by the samsung representatives. Nobody is actually trying to understand our plight. Its such a logical thing to understand that getting a problem twice within such a short span of time does qualify for the issue to be looked upon as a special one and not just be told about the warranty period clauses. We know that warranty is for 1 year but warranty does not mean that the product will run for just one year after which the customer would have to keep spending money to keep it running. Such products are expected to run for years without any issues. We have seen that happening with other brands. We are just not getting any responsible solution from samsung. All we get is a standard template mail having sentences like 'we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback', 'samsung products stand out as best in terms of quality and service of the products. ', 'we always believe that our customers are the best judge and may help with improving our products' and so on. All these flowery things seem nice only when one actually stands up on them otherwise they just sound fake.

We are nothing in front of a big company like samsung, so this is definitely not a fight we are expecting to win. All we can do is raise a voice against the injustice and if there is someone out there who really cares about company's reputation would listen and do something about it. I still have hope from samsung as I just can't believe that a company which has made a stronghold in the market over the time can do that while remaining agnostic to customer needs and wants.

Thanks in anticipation,
Navneet kaur

Tv model no - ua40d5000phxxl
Serial no - 199737ec200454t

May 18, 2015

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