Samsungsamsung flex duo dual door range/stove. model# ne59j7850ws/ac

We bought this stove three months ago and found out at Christmas time that our 14lb turkey, after 5 hours of being in the oven at 350 degrees, was only half done. After many failed baking attempts, this was the last straw. I asked Google about this range and read a review that suggested buying an oven thermometer and testing the operation of the ovens. So I did just that and holly cow was I surprised to find out that when we selected a 350 degree temperature the pre-heat time bell would play at the 8 minute mark yet when I checked the oven thermometer it read only 225 degrees. I waited an additional 20 minutes, 28 in total, for the oven to actually reach the 350 degree mark. It did not stop there. The oven temp continued to rise until it topped off at 425 degrees on one of our 6 test. That is this ovens first fail. The second fail was that every time the oven door was opened to baste the turkey the oven temperature would fall to around the 250 degree mark and it would take almost 30 minutes to get back up to the 350 degree mark. Just in time to baste the turkey again. So in all actuality a cooked turkey was not going to be on the menu for Christmas dinner.

We had a repair man come in and duplicate the findings. He replaced the main computer board which did not fix the problem. He then replaced the PCI console board which did not fix the preheat problem but did better the reheat time when the door was opened, for one minute, from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. This was a onetime test by the repair man and I suspect that my next couple of test will confirm the original failures.

Conclusion: This stove's preheat timer is way off and there is no fix for it. The preheat bell will ring rather quickly and the digital display will read the temperature you set it to. It you set the temp at 350 the preheat bell will sound in about 8 minutes and the display will read 350 degrees. Unfortunately the oven temperature will only be around the 225 degree level. If you put any food into the oven at this time it will not be cooked properly. All three ovens tested the same and at different temperature levels. They all failed to reach the temperature as displayed on the screen at the time that the preheat bell sounded. They also failed to maintain a constant temperature. Stop blaming yourself. You're not the one at fault for the failed baking. It's the stove.



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    A video of all test of this stove will be coming soon.

Jan 29, 2017

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