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Dear samsung customer service

I bought a phone samsung j7, after two months of use the phone completely stopped working I went by the agent in egypt giza pyramid, and after receipt of the examination, I called to ask about the phone a week later and the response was that the phone needs to change the control panel and this cost me 850 pounds, and the response was shocking me as the device is still in warranty and asking about the reason for that was the answer machine are the remnants of water and it was shocking li also where i'm sure that the device is not at any time offer for water, he said li ahtma be sweating during use and this is not true and there is no evidence of that.
Contacted customer service to express my dismay and the answer is you have two choices to go to hire and pay costs or relive the phone as expressed my dismay from this post and I will address my complaint samsung global's where I user phones samsung I and my children and all my relatives and trust the brand and the response was do what you wish.

Now I feel very resentful of the agent in egypt and the deep disappointment of hope.

Please help

Thank you and best regards

Said adly



Aug 10, 2016

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