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Samsung appliances SUCK. The French Door refrigerator as beautiful as it is, we should have bought an LG. Since at the time they didn't make a matching dishwasher, so thankful they didn't, we purchased an LG. No problems with the LG. Now, for the 3 other Samsung appliances; let's start with the Microwave, I went to open it about a month after purchase and the entire handle can off and hit me in the face. They fixed it no charge. The Fridge's pantry drawer top snapped off about 8 months after purchase by just pulling the drawer out, what it was designed to do. They fixed it but said there would be a charge because Samsung did not warranty plastic. Finally there was no charge. The Freezer's ice machine has to be my far the most annoying thing that I'm stuck with until we move or the whole fridge breaks. I'm guessing the latter will happen first. If I forget to shut the ice maker off before bed the thing wakes us up with no fail every night when the ice gets jammed and it makes this loud knocking sound. The convection oven, works great except for the cleaning cycle. It out of warranty so I just clean it the old fashion way. So after spending over 4k I'm not happy. Advice to anyone who is in the market for new appliances, stay clear or Samsung.

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  • Bo
      Jan 03, 2011

    We bought 4 major Samsung Appliances, and all 4 have gone bad. The ice maker sounds like a turbojet taking off, the microwave gives error codes for no reason, the dishwasher just quit with no power or anything, and the range is giving us an e-28 oven sensor shorted code and won't work. These units are just 2 years old, and are already not worth keeping. DON"T BUY Samsung APPLIANCES, or anything else they make for that matter if they won't stand behind their products any better than that.

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  • Di
      Dec 18, 2012

    I agree. Never will I purchase a Samsung Appliance again. When turning on the light in the over the stove microwave, the light blew and the two month old microwave would not come on. A technician had to be called. Now a little over a year later, the microwave will come on sometimes when you open the door and the panel where all the controls are located is about to fall off. Of course the microwave in now out of warranty.

    Bought one of their French Door Refrigerator. After about 6 months it wouldn't get cold enough. After a couple of service calls, the replaced the refrigerator. In a couple of months, the lower ice maker quit. After a hassle, they fixed the ice maker for free. I'm just waiting for something else to go wrong with it.

    The should stick to TVs and DVD players.

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