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I recently upgraded my Galaxy S8 Plus phone to the Galaxy S9 Plus. The purchase included a promotional trade-in credit of $450 towards the purchase of the S9 Plus upon return of the S8.

The first problem--and the one that is the cause of all my subsequent problems--was that Samsung neglected to include the prepaid return mailing label for the S8+. I called Samsung and spoke to a very nice customer service agent, who although he was I think doubtful about the fact that the label was missing and not just accidentally thrown out, said that he had generated a new mailing label and was going to mail it out immediately (we had two weeks to get the phone in to Samsung in order for them to honor their commitment on the return).

I received the mailing label in 2-3 days and mailed the phone the next day. Two weeks later we got an email from Samsung saying they hadn't received the phone and that they were charging our credit card the $450.

My husband's first call was to Samsung. He was told that they didn't have a record of my call, and that they didn't mail out a mailing label. After rechecking my documentation and call record, my husband again called Samsung and gave them the date of the call, the number I called, and the name of the agent, the tracking number and destination on the mailing label. He was then told that Samsung doesn't use UPS, which was the tracking number on the mailing label, and that they weren't familiar with the destination address. This necessitated MORE research on our part. We were able to learn that the destination was Verizon's return warehouse. Another call to Samsung resulted in a grudging admission of the possibility that the agent, who could tell from the phone order that Verizon was our carrier, requested a return mailing label through them, although no one knew exactly how, since no one could find a record of the call.

The next call was to Verizon, who confirmed receipt of the phone 3 days before the trade in deadline. They didn't, however, know what to do with the phone, which was now languishing in their warehouse.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bremerton, WA

My husband called Samsung again, and was told that WE to resolve the problem with Verizon, that WE needed to ask them to send the phone back to us, at which time Samsung would send us ANOTHER mailing label for us to mail the phone to them (Really?? After the earlier experience??) They GRACIOUSLY extended the return deadline by 3 weeks. Nice of them...

Another call to Verizon. This time, my husband spoke to a supervisor, who urged us to demand that Samsung resolve the matter since the original mistake was theirs. He suggested that if we requested that our call be accelerated to the supervisory level, the resolution would be fairly straightforward. Samsung could call Verizon, confirm that they have the phone, request its return, and honor their commitment to us. He also recommended that my husband dispute the charge on his credit card, which he has.

Another call to Samsung. The call was easily accelerated to a supervisor who agreed that this is how the situation would be handled and assured my husband that as soon as she could verify that the phone was with Verizon, she could credit my husband's credit card the $450. He should see the credit within 2-3 days. She would follow up with an email documenting the situation and its resolution. We were very happy--until my husband realized that the email was not going to be forthcoming.

Two weeks credit, yet. My husband called Samsung again. This time, no way was the customer service agent going to accelerate the call to a supervisor, regardless of my husband's repeated requests to do so. First he told my husband that Verizon was responsible for the credit transaction. When my husband stressed that the credit was promised by Samsung and that the initial error was their's, he was put on hold no less than three times. Finally the agent came back on the line and told my husband that as of 5pm the night before, there was "progress being made". What the hell?? When my husband asked what that means, he wasn't given any information, and again his request to talk to a supervisor was refused. The call ended with no resolution.

Unfortunately, this fiasco has ended future business with Samsung by this couple. We have had many of their products, and I absolutely love my new phone and my older Galaxy Tab s2. When upgrades are needed, however, we will be jumping the Android ship in favor of the iPhone and iPad.

The charge on the credit card will remain in dispute until Samsung resolves the matter. Too bad. I'll miss my Samsung electronics.

Dec 09, 2018

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