Salvation Army / carlene weeks - store manager wareham ma location

I have been a loyal customer shopping at the Wareham location for over 2 years now. I spend roughly $100-$200 a month there. I used to shop there everyday, but since Carlene Weeks has became store manager I maybe shop once a month. I have 3 children and will be moving into my apartment within the next couple of weeks. Working one job with 3 kids and moving doesn't really make much so I choose to shop here because it's better for my budget. My fiance does work there, but I do not disturb him or any other employee while I'm shopping. Carlene has threatened my fiance's job because I shop there, she has run her mouth to other employees there about my presence in the store. But never has she approached me. I think it is unprofessional as well as rude and discriminatory as to what she is doing. I am just shopping. I need clothes for work, clothes for my children, and things for when I move into my apartment in two weeks. I'm not causing a disturbance or loitering, I am not destroying the store. If anything, I help promote that store. We have a lot of family in this town as well as friends, and whenever someone asks me where I can find it I say the salvation army. When customers come into my job and we don't have what they are searching for I say have you tried the salvation army? This store manager doesn't even follow the dress code policy. Managers there wear red aprons, she wears her north face jacket. If she wants sales to increase at her store, she needs to follow policy and not worry about me shopping there.

Apr 05, 2016

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