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donation process/ lack of donation voucher

Hi, My name is Norma Macias. I donated my vehicle in August to Kars4Kids. They arranged for the pick up etc...

kars for kids

The commercials on TV and radio are deceptive which in all reality are scams. This has already been reported on many News stations and newspaper articles as well as the internet. Why has nothing been done. Only just a few minutes ago i was watching MSNBC when an ad came on for Kars for Kids. In short I'm furious that this is still going on after so many years and whoever those involved turning a blind eye. DO SOMETHING!!!

I donated my 2004 bayliner 205br with trailer

The Nada value was $12, 260-$14, 000. They said they sold it for $1, 800 and that was the value I received...


delinquent receipt

I donated my car on September 28th. Waited a month for my receipt and called to find that it was still sitting at the towing company. Was told it was going to auction that weekend. It is now November 30 and I have still yet to see a receipt or voucher. Not sure what happened to my car and the customer service representative nearly hung up on me before I could ask any questions about what is happening. Still not sure when I will see a receipt still waiting for my receipt. They have not communicated with at all about what is going on. I have to call them to see what is going on. Feel like I am getting the run around and starting to feel fraud is going on and they stole my car.

Vehicle purchased from a donation

To put some people's minds at ease… I obtained a 91 Lexus LS400, Kbb value $1500 or so, from auction, that...

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I have to mute the tv, or radio when this comes on. The jingle in so off key that it should irritate anyone...

Value of Vehicle Donation for Tax reporting

Not complaining about the charity or what they do with the money but really questioning their pricing of...


This is actually a fraudulent charity and they are all are multiple charities associated with this specific...

misuse of personal information

I donated a car to them and totally regret it. I suggest people find some other charity to donate their car to. The same thing may happen with another business but sometimes the devil you don't know is better than the devil you do know. The problems:
- they started sending me junk mail (using my mailing address)
- they would not reassure me on the initial complaint that they would stop
- they promised to call back to make that assurance but did not do so
- they claimed they did not sell my address to other junk-mailing third parties but refused to explain their business process for the handling of the mailing list to verify that their claim had any substance
- they claimed that they were in compliance with regulations about the handling of personal information but refused to specify what regulations they complied with to verify that claim
- they refused to allow me to discuss my complaint with anyone higher than the help desk assistant manager

Car Donation/Scam

I have a nice vehicle to donate and heard the radio jingle... So, helping kids sounds good...right? ... WRONG!
They use the children's voices singing to tug at your heart.
Upon further investigation, I found an all Jewish board behind which takes in 35 MILLION a year and gives ALL the money to JEWISH kids only! Call me crazy but don't children of all backgrounds deserve help. So, the money goes to sending Jewish kids to summer camp and ALSO to Israel trips where they can stay on OCCUPIED land. Land stolen from indigenous Palestinian people, villages once farmed by these innocent Arabs are now, bulldozed and made way for settlements. The settlements pushed further and further into Palestinian territory. Growing the terrorist/human rights violating regime of Israel. AMERICANS, educate yourselves on the lies fed to us... Some of which begin with innocent misleading commercials of kids singing.


I made the mistake of donation to this so-called K4K...They are a bunch of Banana nose's ripping people...


I regret donating my car to them. KBB valued over 2500, they stated they sold it for 600. I wish I would have...

no pick up or tax receipt

My car was picked up in July. The driver called about 20 minutes before pick up. I told him where it was on...

They are slow on their paperwork - compromises your safety, read on

Watch out. I donated a vehicle, did my diligence, filled out my paperwork - submitted my changes to the...


My husband and I donated a car to Kars4Kids back in late May. We received the vacation voucher and were...

Questionable practices

I recently Donated a 92 Chevy Custom Van to KARS4KIDS.ORG. and was given a letter Of donation in the amount of $500 for a vehicle that was worth in excess of $3000. It was evident when I wrote the organization they couldn't care less about fair market pricing and unfortunately after the fact I discovered the number of complaints lodged against them in the past. I would think not twice but 10 times before having any dealings with them.. unless you don't mind being Taken for a Ride in your own Car.

  • Jo
    Jon Harmon Sep 21, 2008

    I donated a 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva in July, 2008. After two phone calls and an email I have never received either a receipt or a hotel voucher. Only a reference #

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  • Ka
    Kars 4 Kids Nov 19, 2008

    As of 2005, the IRS changed the laws regarding tax deductible receipts for donated vehicles. Before 2005, Kars 4 Kids was able to issue a tax deductible receipt equal to the Kelly Blue Book value of the vehicle. However, with the changed law in effect, Kars 4 Kids can only issue a receipt for the amount the vehicle sold for. While your van may have had a higher market value, the actual resale value is generally significantly lower.

    Kars 4 Kids is a genuine charity that runs real programs to benefit children. We work hard to attain the maximum benefit from our donations to help as many children as possible. However, our efforts would be in vain without our generous donors. We do our best to gain the utmost from our donated vehicles to ensure the maximum tax deduction for our donors.

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  • Sc
    screwed doner Mar 29, 2009

    Kars4Kids is itself a scam. They lie about where their money goes. Kars4Kids benefits Joy For Our Youth, which in turn gives all its money to Oorah an organization which helps to send Jewish children to Yeshivas. See this report:

    /URL removed/

    Also watch out for reports on the cucumber.com, also owned by the same people. No surprise they are involved in the worldwidetravelcenter.com scam.

    This is from the whois entry for Kars4Kids.com:

    Domain Name: KARS4KIDS.COM
    Created on: 30-Jun-03
    Expires on: 17-Oct-09
    Last Updated on: 27-Aug-07

    Administrative Contact:
    Mintz, Eli [email protected]
    Oorah, Inc.
    421 West County Line Road
    Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
    United States
    7327301000 Fax -- 7327301002

    Also, check out this $65, 000 settlement Kars4Kids was required to pay for their false claims.


    This is from the above link:

    "According to the settlement agreement, these groups solicited for contributions in Pennsylvania through a vehicle donation program in order to benefit disadvantaged children, but failed to properly inform donors that their contributions would only benefit services for children of certain religious affiliations. Additionally, JOY allegedly solicited for charitable contributions without being properly registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State and failed to include state-required disclosures in radio, print and Internet solicitations."

    And much more here including alleged child abuse by Oorah administrators:


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  • Ca
    Cars4Charities Jun 09, 2011

    Under the new IRS rules, the donor can claim either $500 or the amount the car is actually sold for, whichever is more. That is why Cars4Charities puts minimum bids on all their auction cars. That way the cars aren't sold for peanuts. Contact them at http://www.cars4charities.org/

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  • Ra
    Randi1234 Mar 29, 2013

    I worked in the auction its not the organization fault, but the auction they know they can get away with the selling price, it what they charge that the public does not know about, just for towing no matter the distance it is $250.00. To park and wait for the title the organization is charged $475.00. This is per month, the charge for the dealer to but the vehicle is $250.00. The auction is for profit, the organization is non profit, who wins it the auction. It should be illegal to donate a vehicle to a non profit organization. But who is going to listen, people just want to get rid of their vehicle. and the easy and convenient way is to donate.

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What a joke. We donated our car to Kars 4 kids and were told we would get a 2 night 3 day hotel stay with...

Poor service!

We had a truck that we wanted to donate since it was still running, but we no longer needed it. I got online...