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Kars4Kids Complaints & Reviews

Kars4Kids / I donated my 2004 bayliner 205br with trailer

Apr 02, 2018

The Nada value was $12, 260-$14, 000. They said they sold it for $1, 800 and that was the value I received for it. I said that was ridiculous and I wanted my boat back. They said it was too late. I called a half dozen times and could not get the operation's auction person on the phone. No...

Kars4Kids / delinquent receipt

Nov 30, 2017

I donated my car on September 28th. Waited a month for my receipt and called to find that it was still sitting at the towing company. Was told it was going to auction that weekend. It is now November 30 and I have still yet to see a receipt or voucher. Not sure what happened to my car and...

Kars4Kids / Vehicle purchased from a donation

Aug 09, 2016

To put some people's minds at ease… I obtained a 91 Lexus LS400, Kbb value $1500 or so, from auction, that had been donated to Kars4Kids. I paid $225, and a buyers fee of $165 which made the total price $390. So, when they give you a receipt that is very low, it's probably accurate. However...

Kars4Kids / Commercial

Apr 24, 2016

I have to mute the tv, or radio when this comes on. The jingle in so off key that it should irritate anyone that hears it. Not sure why someone actuall ok'd this advertisement. Possible the worst in the history of broadcast advertisement. Please stop this commercial from coming on.

Kars4Kids / Value of Vehicle Donation for Tax reporting

Apr 22, 2016

Not complaining about the charity or what they do with the money but really questioning their pricing of vehicle donations. They picked up my 1996 GMC Suburban promptly after my wife called. It was operational but had just failed my state's annual safety inspection and I decided not to...

Kars 4 Kids / Fraud

Apr 21, 2016

This is actually a fraudulent charity and they are all are multiple charities associated with this specific organization. A few online charities that are associated are the giving center, charity boats, online car donation, online boat donation, works of life, with causes, boats 2charity...

Kars 4 Kids / misuse of personal information

Apr 06, 2016

I donated a car to them and totally regret it. I suggest people find some other charity to donate their car to. The same thing may happen with another business but sometimes the devil you don't know is better than the devil you do know. The problems: - they started sending me junk mail...

Kars 4 Kids / Car Donation/Scam

Mar 18, 2016

I have a nice vehicle to donate and heard the radio jingle... So, helping kids sounds good...right? ... WRONG! They use the children's voices singing to tug at your heart. Upon further investigation, I found an all Jewish board behind which takes in 35 MILLION a year and gives ALL the...

Kids4Kars / Donation

Feb 20, 2016

I made the mistake of donation to this so-called K4K...They are a bunch of Banana nose's ripping people off-and ride on the tails of IRS-claiming you are allowed to claim fair market value (up to 500 dollars...What a joke ! Don't donate to these Banana boys-The only kids they are helping are themselves $$$$$$ Beware...

Kars 4 Kids / Rip-off

Jan 27, 2015

I regret donating my car to them. KBB valued over 2500, they stated they sold it for 600. I wish I would have donated it to the homeless shelter, at least then I would have felt as good about donating it. Everything I've read about them, makes me sick I gave them my car. If...

Kars4Kids / no pick up or tax receipt

Aug 07, 2014

My car was picked up in July. The driver called about 20 minutes before pick up. I told him where it was on my property and reminded him that I needed a receipt. He took the car and left no receipt. When I called dispatch, they said that their drivers don't carry receipts. When I...

Kars4Kids / They are slow on their paperwork - compromises your safety, read on

Jun 18, 2014

Watch out. I donated a vehicle, did my diligence, filled out my paperwork - submitted my changes to the DMV. They didn't do their end of the bargain. Apparently, the subsequent buyer of my car crashed it, and when the car was impounded I was listed as the previous owner rather than...

Worldwidetravel / Kars4Kids / Refund


My husband and I donated a car to Kars4Kids back in late May. We received the vacation voucher and were contacted by WorldWide Travel Center, and we setup reservations for the location they had available. When we got the confirmation letter with instructions telling us upon arrival we had... / Questionable practices


I recently Donated a 92 Chevy Custom Van to KARS4KIDS.ORG. and was given a letter Of donation in the amount of $500 for a vehicle that was worth in excess of $3000. It was evident when I wrote the organization they couldn't care less about fair market pricing and unfortunately after...

Kars 4 Kids / Fraud


What a joke. We donated our car to Kars 4 kids and were told we would get a 2 night 3 day hotel stay with World wide travel center. I was told to send a check and credit card info and a signed statement that the hotel could charge me for 'damages'. I felt uneasy about this and...

Kars 4 Kids / / Poor service!


We had a truck that we wanted to donate since it was still running, but we no longer needed it. I got online to find places that took vehicles as donations (expecting to write off it's value). stated that they gave the money for donated vehicles to Kars-4-Kids. Good...