Sally's Beauty Supply, Round Rock TXnew manager is rude, unprofessional, and pushy

I'm a regular customer at Sally's and the store I go to has recently got a new manager. Not sure what happened to the last one, she was awesome. But the new manager is rude, pushy, and unprofessional. I love the girls that work there and they're so nice and helpful. But when I went in the manager with BLUE hair asked me if I needed help. I said sure, she told me hold that thought then went and got an employee who seemed to be doing heavy dusting and told her to help me as she proceeded to go in the back and shut the door. The redhead that helped me did a wonderful job and knew what she was talking about. The next time I came in she was telling the clerk behind the counter about the schedule I guess and kind of said some things about the girls private business.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Round Rock, TX The poor thing looked embarassed an terrified. Probably was since there was a store full of people. This time the manager did help me. I was picking a new color to try. I just wanted dye and developer and be on my way. But the blue haired manager lady kept telling me I had to buy this shampoo and conditioner and a big bottle of treatment and something else. I finally told her i just want the dye. She actually proceeded to tell me then you may as well not color your hair then. Then walked away. I see sallys had no standards for managers anymore. This woman has no business doing what she does. I will not be going to that sallys anymore. Which is sad. Because I love and adore the girls there who treat me as if they know me forever and always remember my name. Wish that manager would go. Or they will lose a lot of business at that store.

Dec 16, 2014

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