Sally's Beauty Supply / horrible employee practices

US 19, Bayonet Point, FL, United States

I have been a long time customer of Sallys Beauty Supply at their Bayonet Point, Fl store...but will no longer do business with that store and am informing everyone I know to avoid doing business with that store.
The employee ethical practices in that store are deplorable. Never in all my years in this business have I heard an employee discuss other professionals personal business in such a disgusting manner nor have I ever heard an employee of a beauty supply business makes threats against businesses that have done business with Sallys the way it is happening in this store.
As a professional, I expect professional behavior from those who represent our occupation...this is NOT being done in this particular store.
Sallys has lost a very good customer and will continue to lose more with the employee behavior at such a deplorable low.

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